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Monday, 2 May 2011


I should probably write down the last couple of days' soundtrack because it's already changed and I'm not sure I want to forget what it was: "What Kind of Fool" as sang by the wonderful Warblers.

On to my day today. I talked to LesMisGuy yesterday (which took a bit more effort and time than it should) and we agreed to meet today a half hour before class to talk about the presentation. He met me, and so did 3-4 friends of his (guys) he brought along. No asking him out then. It's weird how they all came, said hi, and then sat by the table but didn't participate in the conversation I was having with LesMisGuy about groups. And then when we left they left too. Weird. Got me a little paranoid, too, because in my fucked up mind I wondered if LesMisGuy had brought them over to check me out or something. Then came the presentation. I sucked, I must have been staring at the board pretty much all the time. LesMisGuy, I couldn't stop thinking about him and how absolutely lovely and adorable he is and what a moron I'd be if I didn't adore him because I have only every reason to.

We both took different paths stopping by restrooms to get to the next classroom. I was having chips, and offered him some. After a while when he reached for chips he found there were few left and refused to eat them. I told him he could have them but he refused. Then I offered him a piece of gum and the class began. There were quite a few glances but one in particular that wasn't a glance at all. We looked at each other beaming for a couple of seconds and then a fraction of a second too many. Why too many? Because I blushed and looked away as a reflex, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about staring at him and smiling like an idiot when there was only a room full of people possibly looking at us. I shared some cookies with him (this time he did take the last cookie), he offered a piece of gum and the class went on. When the class was over, however, he didn't even say goodbye. I tried chasing after him but after a while he put on his headphones and I felt silly chasing him and he didn't really stall so I didn't bother. And later I realised I was supposed to stay behind and talk to Srq, who mentioned studying together (which we probably should).

I stopped at a restroom again and as I got out ExamGuy was talking to some other guy. I walked on by, and after a while he caught up with me and we chatted a bit as we walked out. Tiny bit weird.

Today's soundtracks: I woke up with "Mr. Sandman" (Pomplamoose version) stuck in my head.

I just woke up and set the alarm again and daydreamed half asleep of being with LesMisGuy and the song made it in and wouldn't get out. Then after the first class today was over I got "As if We Never said Goodbye" stuck in my head (I love Chris Colfer, I've mentioned it before, right?)

 and then "Le Jazz Hot."

If there's anything to be said of my day today it's that I find LesMisGuy to be incredibly adorable, I adore him for it, and I can't get him out of my mind. I can't wait to find a moment to tell him about it, or at least ask him out. To paraphrase LeBlanc... that godly smile!

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