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Friday, 8 April 2011

Odd as always

I had these crazy dreams last night. In one I helped my cousin (who's in a band and might give up college) carry some weird metal contraptions around and store them. In another I was at a mall with a man supposed to be my father and we had a small stand just outside a shop. He was inside and I looked after the stuff on the table including cheese sandwiches and cupcakes. Some kids came over and stole some of the sandwiches, so by the time I caught three of them trying to steal some more I charged them. I asked the man about the price, and though he'd said a buck would be fine before he told me to charge 5 dollars. The kids paid up without a worry and left with a promise of maybe coming back for cupcakes. In another dream I was in and out of a restaurant and so was A, who gave me calls to let me know she'd be there. Can't remember what they served, but it was a really good restaurant.

Last but certainly not least, there was a dream involving several of the people in the glee cast. They were here, only the house was a little different, and there was a pool. At the pool, where there were maybe 10-15 people, a few stood out. Chris Colfer, a girl with black hair staring at him, a blonde young man Chris had his eyes on, and a someone the girl with black hair could talk to. This last guy had a crush on the girl, but she had a crush on Chris, who had a crush on the blond guy, who wanted the girl. I know. Blond guy was manipulative and willing to do pretty much anything to get what he wanted. So he went as far as kissing Chris and agreeing to meet him in a shower they'd be having sex in, hoping it would result in a threesome with the girl. It didn't, Chris was let down, the blond guy was incredibly mean and rude, and I don't believe he managed to score with the black-haired girl. I was rooting for Chris Colfer all along, you know? Some people at the house were hoping nothing would actually happen and were a bit judgemental of him for wanting to have sex with the blond guy. Some nosy girl was happy and ran to tell the others when she saw him leave the bathroom they were in having gotten nothing out of it. Chris was fairly nonchalant about it, like he already knew it might not work out.

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