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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Not exactly eventful, I just need to vent

The way here was long and annoying. Over at the station some fucktard and his girlfriend acted particularly uncivilized, refusing to move to make way for people going in or out of the buses. The nerve. And then when some university guy tried to talk sense into the big brute he started standing on his toes and yelling, just like an animal in the wild, huffing and puffing. It gets better, they got on the same bus as me, scored seats right next to where I sat on the floor and got all lovey-dovey. Ugh. But that's not it. There was this girl next to me crying, sighing on my hand and breathing snot. No no, it was bad: we were stuck in traffic for at least a half hour longer than we should have. I'm still motion sick and I'm lying in bed.

Highlight of the day? The guys I'm in class with? Such sweethearts. I know, I've said it before. Still, they're lovely. Kinda makes me wonder if LesMisGuy's not just another nice guy and I try and read into it, except for the physical contact. That's the one thing I'm holding on to right now.

[8:33pm edit]
Yeah, took me long enough. Now it's kicking in. Now I'm wondering if EBF took offence from me calling him a hipster (which he actually totally is, you know? and it's not quite the bad thing the internet would have you believe). Now I'm worrying about when the fuck I'm supposed to start telling him stuff. Now I feel like an idiot for telling him I thought I'd seen N2 with black hair and my opinions on that. Wonderful. And I can't study.

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