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Monday, 25 April 2011

Little one goes to China

I had this dream last night where I was in some tropical jungle with my sister. Right now, all I can remember seeing is some very peculiar pair of orange caterpillars. I got separated from my sister and she got my little one to walk around with. I walked around on my own and reached a small town where I was invited into a church. Now, I'm not sure it's the same dream or not, but in another dream I was at the dining room table and my sister had just got back from China with my little one. She seemed to be breathing heavily, but not quite at the worst as I remember it. I figured we still had time. We could buy her time if we took her to the vet and got him to get the fluid out of her lungs with a syringe. My mum seemed to know it wouldn't do a thing, but I said she'd have a much easier time breathing and wouldn't be so miserable. Yes. Traumatic.

In another dream I was at a small rustic wooden pier next to the stone entrance of some spaniard building. I'd helped some people escape in a spaniard ship and was now creating a diversion so they couldn't be caught up with. I had a key, or at least a metal piece that looked like most of one, and I threw it into the sea in a small nook between the pier and the stone where I saw an eel. I figured the eel would help scare off anyone who tried diving for it, and the sea did a good job crashing against the stones, so I figured it would get the key lost. Not so. When the sea calmed down and turned crystal clear, the man I was with could clearly see the key and the eel was gone. He dove in to get it. At this point the man was my uncle, the funny one. Then some family members were going to come pick us up by car, which oddly enough took place underwater. So odd.

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