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Monday, 4 April 2011


I had at least two odd dreams last night. In one I was taking the bus near university but as I got on the station I became a male lion. Simba, if you will. And I had to prepare for a war between animals and gather as many to fight on my side as I could.

In another I was in war zone trying to dodge bullets both from the army and the guerrilla, trying to make my way I know not where.

In yet another dream I was in a house that acted as a museum, keeping antiques. I was there with family members and got into an argument with my aunt MT because she insisted that the senator who was once in the guerrilla was still out to do harm. I insisted that wasn't true and she was very prejudiced. I then went into another room where a man from the military had hurt a little girl and was waiting for someone to pick her up and lawyers to cover his tracks. I took the girl with me and ran out trying to find a place to keep her safe. If this has anything to do with the news that haven't been making it to the news properly, it's not exactly coincidental.

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