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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I think I need a time machine

Or that thing Hermione used in her third year at Hogwarts. I don't want to go see dinosaurs. I just need time to rest, grade papers, eat, take a short vacation, read and study like mad. I failed the measure theory test. No wonder. I scored just about half what I did last time. Which, proportional to how bad I thought I'd done, isn't all that bad. The worst part, though? The professor asked what had happened as he gave me the exam and I just wanted to crawl under a chair. Which was made all the more uncomfortable when I was ready to get out of the classroom and we ended up staying another 25min solving exercises. He's so nice, you know? He's brilliant but appropriately humble, easy going, easy on the eyes (while we're at that), good at teaching, and very sweet natured. So it's only humiliating when he's caring enough to ask what went wrong and I have no good answer except "I freaked out, got all the hypotheses wrong when I jotted them down."

On other news, LesMisGuy didn't show up for class today. Leaving aside the fact that I actually hurried through traffic (chose the wrong bus, it got stuck in traffic 10 blocks away from campus) to make it on time for class, looking forward to greet him, there's more important things. Like the presentation we should be working on and will have to do on Monday. And the paper we have to write about the presentation. Yeah. When are we supposed to do that if I have to run errands tomorrow afternoon and don't know how long those will take? (I gotta go get another loan for next semester and get my money back from the topology exam) That leaves whatever's left of tomorrow afternoon, Friday if he wants to stick around after he's done around noon, or the weekend. Now, I'm a bit tempted to get silly ideas into my head about seeing him during the weekend and being alone with him studying because in my mind it evolves into an excuse to look him in the eyes for just too long from too close a distance.

Back on subject, though, I'm quite serious about this.-We do need to get it done and it's been postponed for months now. Not that I've read the paper we're presenting carefully enough, but I don't want us to just say "ok, you prepare this, I'll prepare the rest, we're each on our own now" because ... well... I want an excuse to spend copious amounts of time with him, alone. And I don't think I can talk him into studying for game theory or measure theory with me because he doesn't need it.

Before I try and get some papers graded before I give in to Mr. Sandman, one last thing.

Dear couples of the world,

This is not about the fact that I'm single and sometimes I'm envious, can't believe people I deem worse than myself are with someone, or can't bear to be reminded of what I don't have. That's on me, I'll deal with it in my own time. This is about your behaviour in public.

Do you mind?! If you could just be so kind as to not argue or fight when either of the parties involved are stuck anywhere with plenty of people who cannot help but overhear and be in the middle of it? It's so impossibly uncomfortable. Ladies, this is especially true when you break into loud sobs. Please make sure you spare the rest of us from whatever troubles you are in. We're not interested, promise. We don't want to know. We don't need to know. I hate not being able to listen to my own thoughts because of an ongoing couple's fight nearby too loud to ignore.

While we're on the subject of anything too hard to ignore, please restrict public demonstrations of affection to a bare minimum. I don't mind hugs, holding hands, kisses, tongue kisses (as long as they're quite demure), and even playful hand placements. Do avoid groping, kissing that involves heavy breathing, moans, visible tongue action, heavy petting, and everything that involves genitalia. It's really very uncomfortable to presence. Do find some place private. Do wait until you get there.

Thank you,


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