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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Huh, turns out that's the one thing I'm doing right

Two things are up today. Number one is that I got rocking reviews for my teaching practice, with students saying they'd rather have me explain the stuff they see with the other professor and congratulating me for being a good professor. That was a good boost. A very sweet girl even gave out very solid advice telling me to get people's attention, which I definitely will try and keep in mind. One (I hope jokingly) said I was murder when it came to quizzes and great otherwise, but then again we've only had one quiz. They seem motivated, and I couldn't help but think I never thought so highly of my professors (except maybe Lven) and I certainly never gave out such generous reviews. It was nice, really. I suppose it's good to know that putting my teaching responsibilities as a priority (even though I'm really not in a position where I can afford it) is sort of paying off, if not in the right balance.

The other thing is really minor. LesMisGuy was already sitting when I got to the game theory classroom. He was very focused reading ("The Hobbit," I gathered) so I didn't try to distract him to say hi. He turned around after a bit as I read my reviews so I told him we all get lockers and that was how I found out about the reviews. That was about it. And then the class was over and I desperately needed to pee so I sort of ran to the nearest bathroom. As I made my way to the next class I saw him coming out of another bathroom but we didn't say anything. I don't even know if he noticed me. There's one thing I can't help but consider: LesMisGuy leans back quite a lot during game theory class. I would have to check properly, but I suspect he doesn't lean back quite as much during other classes. I'll stop this train of thought before I read too much into it. I know I lean forward because I feel lured and can barely hold back from trying to kiss him, stroke his neck or caress his arm. Right. Whatever happened to remembering it's not going to happen? Why do I keep thinking of ways to tell him I fancy him and ask if I can kiss him? Why am I so worried that the semester's almost over and things just won't happen soon enough (if at all)?

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