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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feeling particularly unstable right now

So, you might want to go without reading this. I'm writing it because writing's my best surrogate for whatever it is you're supposed to do. I got here after a fresh reminder of why pollution is terrible, how bad the state of the streets in the city is, how bad most bus drivers are, and how little they care about their vehicles giving off massive amounts of noxious fumes. I settled on the bed to catch up with the internets and fell asleep to a youtube video. I woke up a couple of hours later (having accomplished sod all with my life this afternoon) and checked for news again. Unable to do anything more productive, I settled for watching Criminal Minds (though I must admit, since Paget left the writers slacked off and the story lines are growing ridiculous, can't even say I'm watching the show for the Goob, it's more out of habit).

Not a good idea, it turns out. This episode was about some woman who lost her child in an accident and went crazy (they all do, I guess) and they contrasted her grief to that of the team after the "loss" of Prentiss. Awful storyline, to be honest, rather poor acting and I'm sorry to find they don't bother with the nice details they used to. All the more of a surprise then, when you find that near the end I collapsed into a depression over the loss of my little one and still can't quite stop crying (though I'm watching a few more youtube videos, for some reason it helps to see things being transformed there).

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