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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Becoming a vegetarian

I had this dream last night that we were going to buy something to eat at Mc Donald's but we were bringing our own two chickens with us. They were featherless, stunned, and almost dead. Had they been dead I wouldn't have minded all that much, but they weren't. Their heads were still on, their eyes bandaged so they couldn't see a thing. Next thing I know I'm keeping them safe and crying for them, wanting to take them home and nurture them back to health (which, come to think of it must have been almost impossible). Also in my dreams? My little one. I had a dream where we were all in my aunt's car and she was in the back with me, often looking out the windows, sometimes laying down next to me as I petted her. In another dream I was in university, doing something that meant I had to skip the first hour of functional analysis on Tuesday. Chord Overstreet was there with me and when we were done and walked by the classroom he said he wasn't going in. There was one bit where we rode a bus that was a classroom inside only there were people from school1. And there was another dream where I was at the coliseum from school1, it was muddy, and several of my preschool teachers were there. My mum spoke with them. Can't remember much else, except for a bit that seemed straight out of FF with crystals where you could teleport or get something else done, and one last bit where I was at a gas station with my aunt and they kept the gas in drawers in what could've been floating devices, and the man selling us gas told me to look for flip flops.

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