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Thursday, 14 April 2011

And now it hits me

Not sure what "it" is, though. Let's break this thing down then. I sort of used up all my saved up ballsiness sending EBF a message saying I have -3 get out of jail for free cards. I met LesMisGuy today for the colloquium, so after he gave me a shoulder squeeze (seems to be the new thing, not that I'd have a problem with it) I handed him the papers our game theory professor gave me for him and asked for his e-mail. He first wrote down his university e-mail and then I said I rarely read mine (not exactly true) so he'd better give me another one. Then he wrote down his new phone number. And that's when I said I didn't need it and he said he could just cross it out and I told him not to. I'm clearly too sheldonesque for most social interactions, even the simple ones. Further proof of that is the fact that I'm debating on when to add him as a contact and then when to add him as a facebook friend. The colloquium was fairly uneventful: I stuck to reading Tolstoi, he texted someone. We gave each other a look of "you mean it's not over yet??" near the end, and then we walked out and he made sure to stay behind me.

Ok, then there's the fact that during the way here I suddenly wasn't so crazy about LesMisGuy. Well, to be honest I also wasn't particularly excited about seeing him today and I realised I might have. It was more a sudden realisation then, that I'm becoming indifferent. It's a safe position to be in, but it's rather boring and even a little disappointing, you know? I'm not sure if it's got anything to do with the latest conversations, but I doubt it. Another unusual sudden realisation is that EBF asked if LesMisGuy had asked me out yet. Then he should have asked me out by now, right? He's so confident, I really doubt he would've gone without asking just out of insecurity. There's a good chance, however, that I've sort of scared him away a little (and it would only make sense, really). So there's that too. I'll just go back to not making anything out of anything.

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