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Friday, 25 March 2011

Smile stuck

So, for some reason, I can't shake a smile off my face. I keep thinking of yesterday's goof out, and though I know it's really not that meaningful, I feel that it is and I smile. I know that, or at least I can figure, it means he's comfortable around me. I feel that it somehow means he fancies me. Either way I'm happy. Either way, I can't stop smiling.

Something funny happened during class today, too, so there's that too. People like to mock CartoonishGuy, that goes for both students and professors. Once as we walked by his cubicle some of the guys noticed him writing on the board and stood around to watch some more and crack jokes at him. I walked on, I felt it was rude. Our functional analysis professor often mocks him too, especially for asking so many questions, even more so when they're stupid ones. Today was pretty funny, more than usual.

Our professor spoke about some mathematician, he only knew his last name. But CartoonishGuy knew his full name, so he corrected our professor. In jest, our professor asked "and what's his father's name?" which could have come across as "and what's your father's name?", so CartoonishGuy asked. Then our professor remarked he doesn't care what CartoonishGuy's father's name is, and that he never used the formal you when he spoke in Spanish to avoid that kind of confusions. He gave an example of how he asked some woman about her mother's health and she took offence by the wording, so he asked what the right wording should have been. Someone suggested "mommy" and we all laughed. Then CartoonishGuy said he thought "mother" was just fine, and that people often referred to his mother that way. Cue major laughs (from everyone this time) and even some people trying to turn away from CartoonishGuy to laugh like they could hide the fact that we were all laughing at CartoonishGuy.

On not-exactly-funny news, I'm taking the oral partial exam with CartoonishGuy.

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