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Saturday, 5 March 2011

A short catch-up

Yesterday's soundtrack: "Dog Days Are Over."

Yesterday's dream: my cousins' aunt got in a car accident right around the corner and was dying, her grandparents were here and I carried their grandmother, who was mad at me for having lifted her in my arms.

Today's dream: there were gods, a Zeus-like god among them, and there were artefacts/jewels. You could gain power from them by introducing an arm/finger/limb into holes, and you could also wear them. In particular, someone was wearing one such artefact and was then penetrated by someone else (possibly the Zeus-like character). The allusion to sex wasn't lost on me, even in the dream.

The measure theory exam was put off until our professor gets back, and I'm pretty sure I failed the functional analysis exam... I'm just hoping it wasn't so bad I'll need to drop the subject. I didn't ask LesMisGuy to study with me. I'll meet him on Monday, if he shows up for class, and I'm hoping to be able to talk to him.

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