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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Scene's perfect

Hello, my name is linaThumbe, and I'm addicted to Kurt and Blaine's kiss. I just had to watch it three times in a row. And an interview with Chris Colfer. Want my take? Chris enjoyed it a tiny little bit too much to be professional, Darren Criss was a bit more embarrassed. I don't think he realised what an impact the scene would have. Chris even mentioned how good a kisser Darren is, blushed a little and got a little uncomfortable. Just like he sometimes looked uncomfortable in interviews next to Cory Monteith. Maybe I'm making this stuff up, maybe the people running the show are brilliant (and a little cruel). It makes the scene that much more believable, Chris is totally into it. You know what also makes it perfect? The fact that Blaine kissed Kurt and didn't immediately pull back. It gave Kurt time to react: he was in shock, he was taken aback and then he gave in to the kiss.

I can't help but think, if LesMisGuy had kept his hands on me (nosy CartoonishGuy be damned, I'm sure he noticed) I would have had time to react beyond surprise. I could have just melted into him. Maybe that's a sign that he's not a player? Now I'm pushing it (it would just mean he's not a very good one). Never mind. He should try to greet me like that again. I'll try and react a bit faster.

On the TMI side, I think I'm ovulating. I've slept maybe 9 hours altogether in the last two days, I may only sleep for another 3-4 today and I can't help but notice, I don't look like total crap. Maybe it's also from all the kiss silly smiling. I'm placing my bet on hormones, though. I do look the tiniest bit more feminine and am a bit more sensitive to people's smells (did I mention it? I don't think I did... some guy in functional analysis smelled like dirty buses, revolting). If that's the case, all the better a time to come out to LesMisGuy, right?

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