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Monday, 14 March 2011

Quick dream recap

You can tell I'm worried about the measure theory test because I had a dream where we had the test (though oddly enough it was in the old classroom). We were given the instructions to write an essay, and I took a bit to catch up and put away my things and get some blank paper out to write it down in. This resulted in people getting up and out of the classroom before I was done with mine, so I assumed were given time to hand it in later. Then, just as I was almost out of university I thought what if that's not the case? So I ran and tried to make my way to where our professor would be, which for some reason was way up high in campus (as opposed to where the maths department actually is).

This led to a make believe part of university right up from where the newest building meets a café. It was dark, and next thing I know I'm in a small town and walking through a restaurant/gallery where they kept lots of handcrafted purses, earrings, shoes and all sorts of other things. Very colourful. It made me think of buying a thing or two, to keep some sort of national identity when I was away. Not such a reasonable thing at all times, though. Sometimes I just figure I'm not that patriotic anyway, so why start now? I could hear a woman telling some relative about this restaurant place, and how she'd had breakfast and been given a jacket for $5000, only to get people on the other side of the line mad at her for they could eat for just $2500.

In another dream, I was a pokèmon. Awesome, right? Not so much. Someone had poached me and others (including an articuno, or an ice-based dragon type, a charmeleon, and pikachu).I remember being trapped in a box with bars and I remember pikachu trying to save us all. The one to release us was the mother of the man who had kidnapped us (some guy who reminded me of Usher). She said she'd keep the ice pokèmon, though, as she figured it was valuable and could use the money. We made plans to run away with him too, old lady be damned. We were on a boat sailing through icebergs, and at some point we were out on deck when it got really cold. We got back in but the lady didn't, and she turned into a dragon and froze in spot when a wave of water came over her.

In yet another dream, the last I remember, I was suddenly famous and had an agent/manager/person. I had been invited to come up with a perfume for Oprah and I was going to meet her. For some reason, in my dream she ran a news agency set on the first floor of a mall, in a department store. As I sloppily walked down the department store my manager dude told me to get it together and walk properly, with an attitude. I thought something along the lines of "they'll have to give me high heeled shoes then, if I don't walk properly on those I fall" but said nothing. Those were last night's dreams. From me to me.

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