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Sunday, 6 March 2011

On chocolate

I meant to get this tiny observation in sometime Thursday night and failed to out of exhaustion. I don't suppose it ultimately means anything, but I like to believe it does.

I've mentioned I stayed behind on Wednesday to study with Srq, right? And I mentioned I sat next to LesMisGuy during the seminar on Thursday. Content is unrelated? Not if I tell you I shared some of the swiss chocolate I got for my birthday with both. You see, this is swiss chocolate, Lindt chocolate. It's the milk of swiss cows turned into chocolate ganache with chopped hazelnuts and covered in more chocolate. Good stuff, if I do say so myself. Why bring this up? I noticed something quite peculiar about the way they ate the chocolate, you see. While Srq took tiny bites, making sure to savour it (though he said nothing) LesMisGuy put the pieces in his mouth whole.

Yes, yes... it's a given that Srq likes food, likes to cook and has a certain sensitivity to finer foods. I also know LesMisGuy can't easily (if at all) tell the difference between similar tasting foods, or even different brands of the same product. I'm not awed or amazed by either. I don't think that's what this is about. No... I think I reduced it more to a matter of character, and what they'd do faced with anything they'd enjoy (besides chocolate, granted they both like chocolate, which I think they do). I'd say Srq would take the slow approach trying to enjoy every moment, while LesMisGuy would jump right in, not bothering with the time-wasting bits. I'm not going to say either view is right or wrong. Incidentally, I ate my pieces of chocolate quite quickly when I was with Srq and slowly when I was with LesMisGuy. Not sure what that would say about me, except that I make no sense, which I already knew.

Since I'm already making this all up, why not mention the fact that LesMisGuy asked if he could have some chocolate after I'd offered and left it within reach? I mean, all I'm trying to deduce here, working under the assumption that LesMisGuy has a crush on me, is why he hasn't made a move yet. That's the insane thought of the moment, and the train I'm getting run over come today's class. I figure that if LesMisGuy knows (and I doubt he's completely unaware) I like him, he'll do something and jump right in. Get to the good bits without wasting time, right? So, why hasn't he? Well, the asking may have something to do with it. Even though it's freely offered (yes, I'm objectifying myself and making an analogy where I'm a piece of chocolate), he made sure to ask before he had any. He could just ask if I like him, you know? Just like I want to ask if he likes me.

I wonder if we could maybe sneak some time to spend together after tomorrow's class... I might need to speak with our professor, see if there's something to be done about my thesis, but maybe I can have LesMisGuy wait for me... We'll see... Let's hope he shows up for class first.

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