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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Looking back...

There are a few things that me about last night. I said I had a good time, but that's mostly because I spoke with Gr (I'm naming him, he deserves a name), the one who's not so unlike AOB, and is actually really nice. When I wasn't talking to him I was waiting for my meal and when I was done waiting I just ate in almost complete silence. During this time most of all I did besides eating was listen to ongoing conversations. Let's call it right here, right now then: Gr and R1 are my go-to good fellows from last night's reunion. We'll leave the others aside.

Why? For one, I was astonished by one of the girls. She'd be one of the queen bees, one of the mean popular girls if we were to place her in some sort of labelled box. Not sure I ever felt as threatened by her (or the other queen) as much as the other girls did. My friends say they felt threatened by me, but I honestly didn't notice. See if I care now. My only real regret from school1 is not having made better friends with the guys there and having fallen for Sdra. As "the cute boy" of the time, he "belonged" to the queens (was actually the boyfriend of the queen at hand), and I did get teased. I'll even admit to some humiliation. Everything else I'm brushing off. Back to the queen then. One of the guys was talking about how we do or don't meet people from school around here. Quite specifically, he said he never ran into people on the bus. You know what she said? Right away she explained he couldn't run into her because she goes to university quite far up north and wouldn't meet with us going south. Wow. I'll just stop here, going on about this would be useless. I was astonished, and that's quite enough.

For another, I was very sorry to hear them all talk about a classmate they thought might be gay, because of his facebook pictures or whatever. Now, let's break this down. The tone they used to refer to him being gay as something horrible they were only just willing to condone for the sake of seeming civilised was very upsetting. The way they tried to prove his gayness through his clothes is just ridiculous. Especially because he lives in Europe and always was did have very good taste, it just never showed back in Ctg. I even must admit I get the feeling that even his dad has a good taste in clothes. Anyway, back to Europe, this is important. He went through some serious issues and that resulted in him having to leave the country. I won't go through them here because it feels rude to do so. Suffice it to say, he was one very mature teenager and had to go through things no one should ever have to go through. I actually admire the way he did his best to protect his little half-brother from it. And that's just from the little I know. You know what the people at last night's reunion did? They tried to explain him being gay because of the emotional trauma. That is just fucking outrageous! I have nothing more to say, I'm very upset by this, and there is no excuse for it.

The last point I'm afraid is more a matter of culture. The guys spoke so... their attitude towards girls just isn't right. There's the fact that one spoke of having a gf back in Ctg and yet trying to go out to clubs to score with girls. Then there was a conversation that began with R1 hanging up the phone from talking to his girlfriend, you see. She was, if I do say so myself, being needy and checking up on him a bit more than he was comfortable with. He said that right at that moment he'd really like to be single. Given that's all he said I'm not scratching off what I said about him up there. He's still one of the good guys until I have better evidence to prove the contrary. The other guys, however, broke into a conversation about the "uses" of a gf. Mark my words, it's not so much pros and cons, it's uses. They finally agreed that it really was best to be single if you were able to score often enough with random chicks, but it couldn't hurt to have a gf just to have the certainty of sex. Very sorry to hear that, I was. Some of them I respected a tiny bit more, some of them I thought were intelligent and valued women. They just want to get laid as much as they can and condone any behaviour that results in sex.

As a side note, I can't believe they actually praised the ability of the crooks in this city to get away with all the money they stole. Their tone wasn't that of indignation at the waste of so much of the taxpayers' money. Their tone was that of praise. Praise. For crying out loud!

I suppose some things just don't change. Very sorry about that.

Just to be clear: yes, L1 spoke disdainfully about homosexuality and I'm judging her for it (too).

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