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Friday, 11 March 2011

I woke up not that long ago

As I got some breakfast ready, my mum mentioned there was a bad quake and tsunami hitting Japan, sometime around midnight here I gather. I know Japan's not exactly China, but I had to look at maps of where the tsunami hit and where the quake was at its worst. It seems it was just Japan that got the big blow. There are big waves going Hawaii's and New Zealand's way, but I'm pretty sure China's fine. Not that I even know where EBF's staying. I did have time to think of sending him a message asking if he was ok. Which is when I realised I'd be mocked for my poor asian geography skills and decided to check. I've now made up my mind about how silly it would've been to tell him I worried.

Last night I got around 12 hours of sleep and I must say I really needed them. I had made up my mind to wake up earlier and couldn't. 9 hours wouldn't cut it. I had lots of dreams but I only remember two. In one, a black american man was married to a woman and they had a little girl. The man was gay, though, and the woman was very upset by this. She had left him for another man, but was very mad at him anyway. He tried to explain himself saying that being gay was the whole reason he'd chosen a job with the government, no one would bother asking him and it wouldn't matter. I know that dream was influenced by my reading of the Decameron. I'm a bit weirded out by how precise the story was, though.

In another dream, I was with EBF (curious, isn't it?). He was talking about signing up to be an online tutor to get some extra cash and also about getting everything necessary to dress up in drag. Not sue why he'd want to dress in drag, and to be honest he'd make a horrible drag queen. I noticed quite a bit of grey hair on his sideburns though. Got me a bit worried about him. That dream ended with a RuPaul's Drag Race party.

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