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Monday, 28 March 2011

How uneventful

I was really looking forward to seeing LesMisGuy, you know? But, for one, I felt like crap and acted a bit like a wounded animal would. I hate having my period, I've mentioned that before, haven't I? Well, I dressed with one of my dad's huge sweaters and I'll even admit to not pursuing him too much. On the other hand he also seemed a bit elusive. When he got out of today's exam (which I can only hope I don't fail) I did my best to follow so we'd meet on the way out. We talked a bit and when I made my way to go get my students' exams, he just made his way to the classroom anyway. He could've walked with me. Couldn't have hurt, right?

Then during class he was distracted playing chess on his phone until our professor told him to put it away and then was... well, barely there. We talked a tiny bit when we were told to work on a problem, but I wrote nothing and thought very little figuring our professor would write down a solution soon enough and he just borrowed my notebook. Maybe I wasn't too chatty then, but really it was no place to chat. On the few occasions when we touched, he backed away. Because I'm insecure and growing convinced that he's not into me I didn't bother waiting much for him when the class was over. I tried to time my exit with his, and walked slowly so he could catch up with me, but he took the longer way out after taking a last glance at me. That was that. Very uneventful, rather disappointing.

On other news, as I walked to the maths department to not get the exams (the professor kept them for a while longer) I saw N2. She dyed her hair black. Very unusual. Can't say it looks good on her (it takes a very pretty face to pull off black hair, she doesn't really have such a pretty face), but I did consider how much EBF likes black-haired women. And then thought of what a shame it was for her to have dyed her hair black when she had such peculiar eyebrows (EBF mentioned them, not sure why but I remember). Not sure why I'm thinking EBF's opinions not exactly out loud for him. I could check facebook and see if she's posted pictures and he's commented on them to confirm my hypothesis... but I can't be bothered. I went long enough without checking EBF's facebook profile, I made an exception to make sure nothing happened to him after the quake/tsunami and intend to continue not looking at it. That's t he plan for now, then.

I really should be writing that shitty essay about a math teacher's worst mistakes... That will be all then.

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