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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


The funniest thing happened today during our game theory class. First, I headed to my usual seat to find LesMisGuy sitting right in front of me, so *elmo yay* for that and the hormone high brought on by him leaning back and sitting with his back against the wall (rather than sitting facing straight forward). That, along with the occasional look straight at me and the ensuing smiles made my day. When the class was over I took advantage of the fact that our professor held LesMisGuy back for a few seconds and he waited for me so we could walk out together. We talked and walked for maybe 3min and he gave me a kiss goodbye. Awesomness. I'm easy enough to please, aren't I?

The truly funny bit came later, when one of the boys in the front row asked a question. As usual, we were working on some dating problem. Our professor was explaining how payments and probabilities would change from one person to the other. To answer the boy's question, whatever that was, the professor set an example, as he always does. He talked about the boy's chances of getting it on with a girl and what his experience with girls would be like according to his experience. And then he compared the boy to LesMisGuy. And then he said that given LesMisGuy is big, tall and strong, I'd choose him over the other boy. Which is funny, you know, because I have a crush on LesMisGuy.

This is exactly the sort of thing that I overrate. This is exactly the sort of thing I insist in believing has much more meaning than chance would allow. This, and how time seemed to slow down the tiniest bit as LesMisGuy bid me goodbye. But that has a logical explanation (high adrenaline levels do that), and our professor's example doesn't, not quite.

As a side note, LesMisGuy mentioned he had nothing to do after the game theory class. Why, then, didn't he stick around for a while?

Today's soundtracks: "When I get you alone"

and "Silly Love Songs" as sung by Darren Criss.

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