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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dogs and boars

I had this dream last night where my dad had some family over. Their dogs had recently had puppies and we were given a choice to keep two. For some reason, we had already had one around the house for a while, a 2-3month old spaniel pup (exactly like my little one, only most other pups were exactly like her too). She would come when we gently slapped our legs and was starting to respond to us, which is why I didn't understand why we were taking others. There were at least some 6-7 pups like my little one, which the man who had come explained by saying their dog had 8 puppies. There were a few rogue French poodles and then there were some weird ones. Not actually dogs, though they passed as dogs in my dream. I'm tempted to say pig, but they weren't really pigs with those long cylindrical snouts and the soft, short brown fur. I'm calling them boars. In the end, for some reason, we kept two of the boars. I was disappointed not to be keeping the pup we'd had around already, and to be keeping such ugly dogs. I also had time to remember I wouldn't be around for these dogs and I'd be in the wrong wanting to sleep with any dog (though then I was hoping it would be one of the spaniels) because they'd grow used to a habit I couldn't keep up with. That's about it, I think.

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