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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

SweetGuy....! and .... Goodness!!!

First news first, SweetGuy is sweet, you already knew that. I was a tiny bit early for class and he sat next to me for a while and we chitchatted a bit. Then some friend of his walked by and they started talking, so I tried my best to work on the problems we were supposed to prepare for the class, but couldn't help hearing a thing or two. They talked about some party where SweetGuy's dad got very drunk, and you know what he said? SweetGuy said his dad was glad to have the straight son he'd always wished for, and then compared himself to his brother and how well his brother does travelling a lot and earning lots of money from different jobs. Of all people! SweetGuy feels under-accomplished! He's one of the nicest people alive, smart as very few, a good student, loving friend, and not unfortunate looking. I just wanted to say "you're wonderful! I love you!" and give him a hug, you know? Not that it would help at all or even be appropriate. I just couldn't bear how unfair it was.

On other news, some breaking news about the neighbourhood: 5 guys with weapons got into the house of the lady who died from cancer, only just a few hours ago. They tied up the lady's son as well as the watchman and they took everything they could. The neighbours are outside and so is the police. I could go on and on about how fucktarded the police is, and how they've done nothing to prevent thefts around these parts even though they know lots of thieves get in through the swamp and marshes. What's worse, the street lights leading here along the ugliest stretch of non-constructed areas are often off at night, which is just the city helping out thieves shamelessly. I won't, I've got soup and it's getting cold.

Just so this doesn't end on such a terrible note, a paranoid one. Both the game theory and the functional analysis professors seemed a bit fixated on me during class. The game theory professor suddenly noticed me and started talking to me about nothing in particular, so I did my best to be polite about making sure he shut up. As for the functional analysis professor, I seem to be the only girl he calls out at all, which is either worrying because he notices me as a girl (paranoia!) or because he realises I'm understanding so little and just putting on my best poker face. Doesn't quite explain why he asked me if I was tired and wanted the class to be over on time or would have him finish the proof he was working on. Right.

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