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Friday, 11 February 2011


So, why don't I tell you about my dreams from last night?

In one of them, my parents had bought a puppy, also a black and white spaniel. She already had tumors, my parents were ignoring them. I tried to be affectionate with the puppy, but she didn't really understand, we were strangers. I suppose she was right. Very upsetting.

In another dream, I was sleeping on a bed, and one of the Harry Potter goblins was sleeping next to me. At some point I woke up, got out of the covers, tried to get back in, and was afraid I might've woken him up. Only I didn't I found out a few minutes later when he jolted, stood up all of a sudden and screamed "I'm a poet!", and then woke up. I was there with some other woman. We were both perplexed and worried he could've fallen off the bed.

In the last dream I'm about to set on record here I was here and my parents were cooking lunch. There was a very peculiar insect around: it was triangular in shape, brown in colour, and didn't seem to have a hard exoskeleton, it looked soft, and yet not gooey. It had very long fuzzy white antennae, no less than 5-6 of them. Very strange looking insect. Very scary, actually, when I was near it. Fascinating only in retrospect. Anyway, this is not what my dream was actually about. I got a voice message from EBF, he said something along the lines of "we should talk, it's been forever since you last told me anything" and I could hear N2 in the background with him. It pains me to admit I got mad at that, at her being there and him trying to reach out to me anyway. I wonder now if it's got anything to do with both our birthdays coming up on Sunday. I don't think I gave it much consideration in the dream, but I'm thinking there may be something to it now.

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