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Monday, 21 February 2011

Still dreaming about puppies, it's just getting really bizarre

I'm not sure if I forgot to mention some dream I had yesterday, or the day before, where there was a puppy version of my little one. Again, we were strangers. It's only striking me as odd now, that such a dream keeps recurring... I don't usually have such similar dreams strung together.

Anyway, my dreams last night were just insane. I was in my room with A and one of those worms you'd find in school1: emerald green on the sides, orange on top, disgusting all over. Somehow, through magic, the worm was turned into a puppy, and that puppy morphed around between pig and dog shapes, running around and even climbing through walls. It was strange, I was disgusted by the creature, no matter how cute it looked, because I knew it was a worm in disguise. After running around for a bit A and I decided to take it to the back yard. It peed in female pig form (only I'm pretty sure only dogs pee like that), and then came back in. Next thing I know we're trying to get it to stay out and trying to lock the door. A locked it with a lot of locks the door doesn't actually have, and then I noticed the worm had turned into a black dog, a daschund. It was really hot outside. I started to worry we might kill the dog, so I went inside, filled a bowl with water and loads of ice, and left it outside. Not sure if there was more to this dream in particular.

There was another dream, one where I was out in the countryside with some family members. There was a circus tent and I'm not too sure about it now, but I half remember we were escaping. Something bad went off in that circus and we were running away in cars. That's all I can make out now.

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