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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Should be studying...

It took a while to get around the firewall settings but I've managed to get online. All to say I gott to the game theory class a few minutes late and got stuck sitting next to a guy who stinks, had bad breath and a cold. He both put his arm on my desk (there were a good 10cm between one desk and the next), breathed on me and overall made me freak out. Add to that the fact that LesMisGuy was a few seats away just within eyesight, busy reading the paper. We didn't do so much as greet one another. I was incredibly bored, uncomfortable and in need to pee near the end of the class when the professor decided to have me go to the board.

Oh yes... did I mention he greeted me by name when I got in, got it wrong first and waited for me to correct him? When he asked me to go to the board he said it wrong again first, then corrected himself. I was kind of annoyed and hoping I'd get to talk to LesMisGuy before he left (others were packing up), so I looked at my watch. I did a few stupid mistakes on whatever it is I was supposed to be doing, and by the time I got out LesMisGuy was already leaving. The professor, however, had time to ask if I was bored with a smile on his face that reminds me much, come to think of it, of my welsh maths teacher in school. Gah! Right, and need I add that the problem I was supposed to work on was something regarding a war and possible routes the attacking country could take and why it was silly to consider routes that got back instead of reaching the other country? He made some stupid remark saying that's the sort of thing women do. For crying out loud!

You know what makes it worse? I have the feeling that if LesMisGuy and I were together he'd be wary of such things and none of it would ever happen. No smelly guy, no inappropriate comments... None of it! Only wonderful hormone highs...

[1:16pm edit]
Wouldn't you like to know, one and two thirds into the literature class I was called by an unknown number (ok, it wasn't unknown, I had a hunch). It was EBF. I called the number (yeah, maybe I could've done without calling) and he said we should go have dinner. Tonight. Right... Do I feel like he just crammed me in at the first available moment? You bet I do! Don't I just know he has better things to do? Of course! Why in the hell am I going, then, girl? Blast my sense of loyalty, poor judgement and lack of will power. It made me realise, I'm so glad I went to the Philip Glass concert. Not only have I had Metamorphosis 4 as my soundtrack throughout the past few days (along with Scenic World), I have something I don't mind talking about. Lovely! Now... if only I actually wanted to talk... *sigh* I suppose you can't win them all. My Zen-ness is a little lost in all this, but I'll live. It's all a matter of functional analysis not sucking.

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