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Friday, 4 February 2011


A few crazy dreams. In one dream I was in a pool full of stairs someplace related to ZOoT. I remember it got dark and I was glad to be in the water because the skullkids wouldn't be able to hurt me. I was there with my mum and my sister as well as 3 other people. It seemed like we were competing against them. Next thing I know I'm my cousin (the newly wed) and I'm facing the sea, standing on a cliff edge, getting ready to make acrobatic jumps, help myself with a rail and dive in. There were jagged rocks near the shore, but the ocean was very deep in the bit just past that. When I dove in I came out of the water, almost like a dolphin. There was a name for that in my dream. Then someone I was with (as far as the competition was concerned) called a dolphin. A massive, blue whale sized pink dolphin that came out of the water and splashed near me. My mum and my sister remarked I must have been fairly grossed out by the pink liquid spilling forth in the water. Apparently the pink liquid is what made the dolphin both pink and monumental. I'm not sure what happened then, but we'd won and were moving on to the next level. As I walked with my mum to the other place my alarm woke me up.

There was also a dream where some very eccentric middle aged man was smuggling drugs (LSD) disguising them as mints. We lived in a fancy neighbourhood somewhere in the states, and our house wasn't too far from his. He had 3 sons, young adults. I'm not sure why, but I was trying to impress at least one of them and the fact that I got into the bathroom, naked, sat on a toilet and my mum and 2-3 others wouldn't leave made things uncomfortable. The fact that I was next to a window and the three of them were outside and could see me was even worse. One of them came over (built up, tan, blond, not stupid looking) and made a point of telling me how unusual I was. I tried to explain, but yeah, it's weird when you're naked on a toilet and there are others in the bathroom with you, even if you manage to shoo them away.

Probably someplace in the last dream, but not necessarily, there was a demented Mila Kunis. She was a little psycho and I haven't seen Black Swan, or so much as proper scenes from the film, but I'm pretty sure I borrowed the idea from it.

In another dream, I was with my mum and my sister and the gave me a bottle of Bailey's as a present. I was very happy with it and started thinking of all the desserts I could make with it. For some reason, they wanted to do something truly special for me. I didn't tell them what I wanted. My sister's friends came over and I was having breakfast in my pajamas.

I'm sure there was more, but even though I just woke up I remember nothing.

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