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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Oh boy... that would be so nice...

I had a few dreams last night. The nicest one is one where I was in university. I was in class with LesMisGuy but he left as soon as it was over and I was stuck not seeing him until later. I saw A around campus and told her to walk around with me for a bit. I wanted to show her LesMisGuy. We sat on a table (looked a lot like the library tables from school1) by a glass pane and I gave A directions to look for a guy about my height wearing a dark green checkered shirt with red and white lines. LesMisGuy showed up a while later, said hi through the window pane and then came in. Just as he did A left arguing she was late for the event that had brought her to university. LesMisGuy and I sat across from each other, I was facing the board and he wasn't, and I started moving my hand near his. At first I just tried brushing my pinky finger against his and leaving my hand nearby, but after a while I used my pinky finger to caress his to let him know it was all on purpose. His response was to give me a pinky finger hug (I know it sounds ridiculous, but I can't find other ways to describe it, we weren't just holding fingers). Next thing I know we're toying with each other's right hand. It was really nice, actually. I'm also glad I had the balls to do that in a dream, it's encouraging.

In some other dream an asian girl that had lost one (or both?) of her legs got a new pair from some god/goddess. I just remember a giant blue leg that gave off a bright light and the girl floating above it. Sometimes I was that girl and I could feel a tingling sensation in my legs.

Not sure I remember much more from my dreams... My parents woke me up with the sound of some lousy action film playing way too loud. I liked the LesMisGuy dream, nevertheless. Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

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