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Monday, 7 February 2011

Never would have guessed I had it in me

I'm not too sure about other dreams, but there's one dream I had last night that's got me a little worried. I was on a trip with girls from school1, there were maybe 4-5 of us and 4 guys. We slept in separate rooms, one for guys, another for girls. I woke up early, before the other girls got up, and I'd made up my mind to kill all (but one?) of the guys. Not sure I remember why, either. All I know is I went to the bathroom, which looked a lot like a public bathroom, hid in a stall, and held a cord in my hands. One of the guys came in, an asian guy. I ambushed him, held on tight to the cord and didn't let go until he was dead. He was naked. I briefly considered cleaning up a bit (there was gritty shit on his butt) but decided on not doing so.

I went back to the room I was sleeping in as quietly as I could and waited for the others to wake up and realise the guy was dead. That's when I decided not to kill anyone else. I was even a little surprised I'd killed anyone at all and wondered why I'd bothered in the first place. Whatever my grudge, it wasn't against the asian guy. Then there was the funeral. It took place someplace at night, and it was raining. Actually, it looked a bit like the place my grandmother used to have her shop in. A little girl was crying desperately and I was worried she'd discover I was the one who'd killed the guy but she didn't. As we got out she came in the car with me and my family and I had to carry her. We were to drop her off at my aunt MT's house. When we got there a make up contest started and the little girl wouldn't fall asleep. My aunt wouldn't show up and when she did the contest kept on going instead of ending with the two of them going to sleep.

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