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Saturday, 26 February 2011


I had a dream last night I'm tempted to believe belongs in a child's dreamland. It was pretty crazy. For a good part of one dream I was in space, only outer space didn't make us all explode and we were allowed to breathe. I was in some kind of spaceship, only, to be honest, it was more a tiny little island drifting around in space. The floor had a hole in the ground, a rectangular one, and there were no walls, just pillars holding something like a roof.

I got a tour around space and was introduced to gods, different levels of them. There were some gods responsible for individual stars or planets, and some greater gods appointed to whole constellations (Orion comes to mind), and then I got to meet a god of thunder (I'm tempted to say Zeus, but there's a good chance I'm letting greek literature affect my judgement... the different levels are not quite like the ones in greek mythology). This god of thunder used lightning to hit some cables, and the cables short-circuited (part of the circuit, as it was indeed a circuit, was set in parallel, this is the part that blew off... not sure it makes much sense, though).

Also drifting through space, I met some characters who were supposed to belong in the Dragon Ball world. They were... reptilians, to be correct. I'd like to say dinosaurs, but they might as well be dragons, lizards, or pokémon. There were different kinds of these too, but they all had about the same shape to them. Long neck, long tail (or no tail?), four equally long legs... a lot like Little Foot. That's how I described them to my sister anyway, when I tried to explain it in another dream. One of them was an elder reptile, his skin looking almost like it was made of rocks, tiny fires all over his body. There was also a very young and playful one, very smooth skin, blue, with pearls or other spherical jewels to adorn it. And a last one I can't quite remember, one I'm going to guess was red, and somewhere in between the older (greater) one and the young blue one. The blue one had gotten lost, and the middle reptile was looking for it. Eventually, as we stood around the hole in the space island, it showed up and drifted off happily with the middle one, the elder lizard glad everything had been solved.

Then there was another dream, one where I was in university. I'd been asked to go on a day when no one else was showing up, I had to do some Pentagono time. And then my numerical analysis/graph theory professor asked if I could pretty please stay around a bit longer and then show up the next day and do 3-4 hours. I agreed grudgingly. The guy (just some guy, really) who sits next to me during game theory classes was there, as was LesMisGuy. I chatted with them. The first guy had a dog (or some other pet) that was sick and needed taking care of, which had something to do with why I'd been asked to do the Pentagono time, and also with why I completely forgot to go on that day and got stuck doing another hour the day afterwards. LesMisGuy didn't really do a lot in this particular dream. I'm bringing him up because in my dream he had long hair. Ridiculously long (as in, Nooj long) hair, all bundled up at the nape of his neck. I explained myself in the dream that, seeing him up front all the time, I probably just hadn't noticed. I realised when I woke up that LesMisGuy actually cut his hair last week (why on earth do I notice?).

Another dream resembled classes. I was in a class intended for university level students, only a lot of people from school1 were there. I was sitting next to A on a table. The board was full of drawings from the class before ours, I assumed. The drawings depicted games of domino, with some bits erased. The professor asked us to look at the drawings and decide which set (between sets E and M, neither of which makes much sense and I believe I borrowed from functional analysis) the pieces belonged to. When he asked me and A I only just managed to say something not too idiotic. A got her answer right. Then I got on a swing, one with very long ropes holding it (the ceiling in the room must have been at the level of a 4th-5th story) and started swinging, just for fun. It mildly annoyed our professor, but he said nothing. The class was one about combinatorics, and later when we got out and hung out around a balcony with pots and plants in it at night, the professor asked me if I was into analysis. He believed I had a knack for it. I said I much preferred sets and maths of the at most countable kind. He also made some reference to AOB, who was supposed to be in class but hadn't showed up.

Next thing I know, the balcony we're in links to a church over at the far left (if I looked away from the balcony). There was mass, and a huge congregation was there. They had a special guest, some woman who wanted to give them some kind of warning. A and I saw her with some papers, getting ready to go in. Her situation was very peculiar. You know how Virgin Mary is supposed to be the forgiving one in catholic beliefs? It's what I've been taught, anyway. God punishes, God gets angry. When you need forgiveness you turn to Mary. Well, in my dream Mary was allowed to get mad at random people for no good reason and she even cursed them, sort of. This woman in particular had been cursed and I can't remember how exactly, because it wasn't through some deformation or straight out pain, but she was miserable. She was there to ask the congregation to pray with her, to pray to Virgin Mary. Not that it would make this woman that much less miserable, though. There was something odd to it. They had to pray to Mary, even though it would probably be to no avail. They still had to do it. Just very peculiar.

That's about it, I believe. Rather insane. I missed these nonsensical dreams.

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