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Monday, 14 February 2011


I had this odd dream where I got into a history class and the teacher insisted in having us choose a way to make sure some woman who had helped found Jamaica (looked an awful lot like Whoopi) ended up carrying anyone's kids but her current husband's. Next thing I know we're discussing economics and why they picked a spot on a small peninsula to set fort, they'd have a better view of what happened on the island's shores. Then there was a bit when there were under attack, and it looked a lot like a videogame. Before that, though, there were a lot of screenshots that seemed like they repeated themselves. I could see naked people jumping from bushes and off to the sea to swim away, this scene was repeated with minor (odd, as in chopped up pieces of sky odd) changes to the background, meaning each repetition was trying to show a different person. For some reason this liberator woman had a cult associated to her, one of hipsters and a blue packaged brand of beer (VW, NW, MW... some kind of combination of two letters like that). Her husband was some man in the military, a high position at that. The intervention we settled on made some other guy in the military take his place and his girl.

In another dream, I had a broken foot and got stuck in university. I had to call my parents so they'd take me to he hospital, it hurt really bad (actually, I'm pretty sure my foot actually did hurt, I bumped it hard against something last night and it cracked something). I was worried that I wouldn't make it to a lot of things I've got pending these days, though.

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