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Friday, 25 February 2011


No can do, and the cold doesn't help. I let my mum talk me into staying home instead of breaking through the downpour to show up for functional analysis, which I may or may not regret, since I didn't really study even half as much as I was hoping to and I didn't man up and ask Srq to help me study (I'd be willing to pay an hour fee or buy him lunch or something... he really seems to get the hang of this sort of thing). All day today I've been laying in bed, doing nothing... nothing productive, at any rate. I have, indeed, continued to shoot sputum and mucus like nobody's business. I have also downloaded a whole new 30 glee songs for my glee playlist (Dot Marie Jones, you're awesome...). That being said, I've wasted a lot of time. Among other things, I went and read through glee recaps because I've already watched all episodes and liked the commentary included in the EW recaps. Which led to reading about Cory Monteith's tiny pursed lips. Which led to thinking of LesMisGuy's awesome lips and how much I'd like to kiss them as soon as I'm done being a disgusting snot blob. And I've been stuck on that thought for a while now. I just picture us seating next to each other in an otherwise empty classroom, talking about whatever, and then he takes the lead and kisses me, and we both smile, and it's wonderful (which probably has a lot to do with the fact that it's all in my head).

Not that I'd mind being the one to take the lead, but for some reason I see him as a somewhat conservative kind of guy, the one who'd like to "bring home the bacon" and be the one to take the lead.

On other news though, I don't know if I'm way out of my league. I don't even know if I remember writing yesterday... I probably did... right... haze... Anyway, LesMisGuy was writing paper about his thesis and mentioned he might be going away to Italy or China. Hopefully not too soon. He's not even waiting to learn italian or chinese first, he said he'll manage pointing at things if he needs anything important and will handle the rest with his (apparently not that good) English. It would really suck if I chose to stay so I could be with him and he ended up leaving. And... I'm in ahead of myself... All because I can't stop imagining his soft lips...

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