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Friday, 4 February 2011

Five *hundred* (and one) posts


Not only did I get stuck in traffic getting here, my mum and dad decided they'd give me a ride. It resulted in me waiting in the cold for 20min for them to get me in the middle of the way where I got out of the bus and I ended up taking over a half hour longer than I should have to get home. Get this, the ride here with them was a headache too. Brilliant.... just brilliant. My dad has a sushi fever since we bought a set of four (fucking four!) sushi dishes. He's never had to go through the trouble of actually making the sushi rolls, so far be it from him to be comprehensive about what a nightmare it is to make sushi rolls for 10+ people.

My uncle, aunt and cousins are coming over tomorrow and we're cooking for them. That's the whole reason the sushi thing was brought up. We've got some salmon we need to use and they were in the mood for asian food. So I plan with my mum and agree spring rolls would be the simplest option, and we could side that with roasted salmon with curry sauce. But my dad got into some place that sold asian food and went crazy deciding I'll be making sushi whether I like it or not. Fine. But then during the car ride he says my uncle must have raw salmon sushi. Only the salmon we have is frozen, and I've no idea how long it's been frozen or how well it's been taken care of while it's supposed to have been frozen. They argue you just can't get fresh fish. I argue it's not a fucking good reason to eat it raw. Oh yeah... the salmon that's not going raw? It's going to be fried. Because my dad bought some tempura package (like you could package tempura...). And he can't be talked out of how impractical it will be to be frying stuff. I'm telling you...

But that wasn't all. I was woken up early so I could go get my passport thing done. I can't even begin to explain how much of a failure the system is. I got online. They've got a webpage. You register, ask for an appointment, and they give you a code. Rubbish. You go to the place to ask why the hell you haven't been assigned an appointment and all they've got to say is that the internet thing doesn't really work and it's best to just go do it yourself. But my mum got me out of the house in a hurry, so I left my passport and we had to come back (through awful traffic) to get it. Turns out all they did was stamp a message saying I've now got a grown up ID. Rather fast, I'll admit.

The thing is, that nightmare was only so I could register to take the TOEFL and GRE exams and I still can't register. You need to set a code in order to decide where they'll send the results. There are any number of codes (ok, many) for USF and I haven't a fucking clue which one I should be using. For one, my uncle and cousin there seem to believe I'll go straight into the master's degree thing. But I'm not sure I can get a master's degree unless I've got my bachelor's degree, and if I leave after this semester, there's no way I'll get my degree here and I'll be stuck having to take subjects there to get that over with.

However, I'm not even sure I can take master's degree and bachelor's degree classes on the same semester. I don't know how much you're supposed to pay for each. I just don't fucking know. And my dad started asking all these questions, asking me what I'm going to do, what I'm planning to study. He tells me I should e-mail USF and find out how much it will cost to get my bachelor's degree and then e-mail my uncle telling him I'm better off studying here. You want my tuppence? He wants my uncle to pay good money here. That's just not the way it works, though. They want me there and I don't get to make the calls. Having him nag me about it was very annoying.

To top it all off, my mum's been nagging me too, saying the passport, modified as it is now, won't be good for me to get my visa. Somehow, in her mind, the visa I got as a tourist is related to the one I want to get as a student and I won't be recognised by the US embassy unless I get a whole new passport. Good grief! I don't see why I'd need a new passport. The old one's fine and it now tells the world about my other ID. That's all anyone should need to know. Ugh!


On different matters and in chronological order. I got to university early and got stuck talking to some guy from last semester who's friends with CtW. See if I care. I don't have much of a mind for spending time with him but I have no good reason to be anything but nice so... The nice thing came later. SweetGuy came in and we talked about university and how we could totally turn it into a theme park in full Harry Potter style. He said I could play a witch (which I hope was a compliment). We then got to work on a problem we were supposed to have solved before the class. SweetGuy had kept one of my whiteboard pens, which I frankly didn't mind (I could let him get away with it, he's that nice). But at the end of the class he gave it back with a smile. He really makes my days being his lovely self. I'm putting him in my list of nicest people I know along with AOB, LesMisGuy, ExamGuy, Mr. J, R1 and SweetGal.

Speaking of which... AOB called just as the functional analysis class was over. He asked if we could meet today and we agreed I'd call him when I got here. I did, and it was really late and I'm really fucking tired (even if I'm not sleepy) so we cancelled. He's such a nice guy and surely found no other way to do so: he asked if he could ask me a question regarding something he'd noticed. I said it was ok. He asked about my little one, he asked if she was ok. I told him she was no longer. He said he was sorry, and even more so because he'd recently remembered she was one of the nicest dogs he knew. I told her being one of the nicest dogs didn't cure cancer and left it at that. I told him we could IM if he got online. He called a while ago to say he'd been online for 2 min or so but his computer had broken down and he was still trying to get it to work.

I've got a headache (again). I wonder if it's stress, high cholesterol/sugar levels or lack of food. For no good reason I've been eating very little lately. On Wednesday I had a kiddie sized portion of lunch, a cheese and puff pastry stick and onion soup. Yesterday I had a muffin, 2/3 of the lunch my mum packed for me, some chocolate biscuits and a bag of chips. Today I had eggs with sausage and corn, a loaf of bread, about 2/3 of a piece of lasagna and nothing more. It's a lot less than I usually eat. Only there's little usual about how much I eat, I suppose. I'm just eating very little. I can realise I could eat some food, and I feel hungry. Sometimes I even have my stomach grumbling and full of gas from the lack of food to process. I just don't feel like eating. As for dinner tomorrow, I can already call it: nightmare.

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