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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yet again

I had a dream about my little one. This time I was with my parents in a supermarket. She was with us and kept running all over the place. At times she even ran up doors and jumped when she reached the ceiling. Her breathing was somewhat uneven and I could still feel the tumors on her chest.

Besides her running around, my two aunts were there and one insisted we buy pine scented incense. My parents and I were being followed and observed by a man who parked near the car we were driving and kept tabs on what we drank and ate. In the supermarket I remember choosing these zipper things for doors. Nonsense, I know... I had to change them for something else but all I could find were beans.

In another dream there was something political going on (wait, I think I was still thinking of voting when I left the supermarket above...). There was this woman who was candidate for something big, maybe president. She had come up with a design for a city that made it into a utopia. The designs, however, had been stolen (I just know that was influenced by the news here that will have all people who deserve their land back to get killed). She got killed. Some people from the military were investigating and they had lots of electronic devices that plugged in cables into tiny piano keyboards. I wanted to vote for her if only to state that I agreed with what she had been doing, but someone else (somehow involved in the theft or her killing) was winning.

In another dream (maybe) there was a gay solider talking to whomever I was in the dream, giving me information.

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