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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What's with these dreams?

I had this dream last night where I was in a pool/jacuzzi doing... well, I can't remember but there was a hammer involved. D was nearby, doing something too. It was oddly comfortable to know I could work right in front of him and be totally cool about it. It was also strange how he didn't seem to notice me. It was even stranger when you consider that as I walked out, he was lying around in a pool with a bottle of white wine, and I got a craving for a cup of wine, so I walked to the bottle. D acted like a little boy, so excited to see me, and asking that I stick around. I could see no harm in it so I did. I'm not sure what happened. Maybe we just talked for a bit while I had two glasses of wine. It was actually nice.

There was also this other dream where I was with people from maths, and the sweet gay guy and CtW had written a letter to us all, saying goodbye. I also remember the sweet gay guy pasting shiny crystals to fancy watches to make them prettier.

In another dream, there was something about a train where I got on and off and there were at least 5 people I met in the train as part of some sort of game. I had to "meet them all". So strange...

Then there was a dream with some of The Big Bang Theory's characters. And there was a dream where I was playing cards but there was a woman in charge of counting how many sets of 7 I managed to make instead of just letting me count in the end.

I'm still a little surprised to be dreaming of D. Even more so to dream that he's so excited to see me. It's empowering. Even more so that I'm so cool about it. It's just so strange, and relieving...

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