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Monday, 10 January 2011

TV shows?

I had some fairly crazy dreams...

In one I was a judge for Top Chef and there were few contestants left. Two women, a fat big man, another man, and then a tanned, dark haired man. They'd all fucked up fairly bad and I had to take over the kitchen and help them get things out. One had made a pizza but all slices except for two were stuck. Another had made mashed potatoes but they had spilled all over the oven. Then there were several desserts, and I can't remember much else. This time they all got to choose someone (the tanned guy with black hair) to go home by voting. One of the women, a tiny, feisty, blonde pain in the ass got them all to do it. I was so upset I ended up yelling at them. I told them they'd all fucked up a lot worse than he had and they had no good reason to vote him out of the show, but they were all together on it and I couldn't do a thing about it. I seem to remember LesMisGuy being there as a jury, perhaps. He didn't say anything, though.

In another dream I'd gone to Trinidad just after AOB got back here and I'd ended up in some really poor neighbourhoods. I was like a UN representative, and I was hoping to get several countries to help out, but only N1 and maybe someone else agreed to help out. The others were silent.

Then there's a dream where I was in a city that might've been New York and there was a chinese festival going on with a dragon going about the streets and everything.

There's also a dream where there was a flood in a tiny city and the children there had tried to get some of the things to stop from going away with the water by holding them back with a rope and a stick that had somehow gotten stuck in the middle of the water. It was posed as me with people from school1 solving math problems for children. I was chosen to solve the first one, which was the with the children. It wasn't very easy to solve, because I had no idea how much strength was needed to hold back anything, though I'd done the math and figured they had 95 units of some form of strength in their favour. It wasn't enough, I'm afraid.

There was another dream where there were a prince and a princess who rode about in a carriage that was moved by strategically (read, magically) flowing rivers. Radcliffe from Pocahontas was there and so was some other man. They were both quite dirty and refused to wash their hands.

I remember some vague images of beaches someplace in Mexico, fairly white, but with grass growing next to the beach. I'm sure it was also for a cooking show but I can't remember anything about it.

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