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Saturday, 29 January 2011

I suppose that's reasonable, enough

I had this dream last night where LesMisGuy had a girlfriend. Some girl who's in the game theory class (wouldn't know which one, I just remember sitting in class and making a note of them being together). He'd lost interest and changed his mind. For some reason I have the vague notion of the fact that the girl wasn't too happy with him spending time with me. Yes, I suppose it would all make plenty of sense.

On to a different dream. I was in a hotel room (what is it with hotels, anyway?) looking out some shutters. Two men were reading some documents. They were from Germany/France/Austria/Belgium. I was with others, I can't remember who, and we were trusting them to read the papers without giving away their contents. However, I noticed they shifted to the exact same positions every so often and got out in a rage an called them out on it. I said it was too odd for them to be reading in the exact same positions, and that I just knew they were trying to get the documents within someone's eyesight. They broke down fairly quickly and admitted what they'd been doing, which led to them pacing on the rooftop we were in. This rooftop in particular left huge gaps (1.2m+) in the floor and railing, so I had to jump a couple of times. That's about it, I think.

Back to measure theory.

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