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Friday, 21 January 2011

I be craaazy

I had this dream last night... mental.

There was a land where anyone could compete to be king, and there was even a special place where people who wanted to give it a try could go be trained. This young man made it and became king, and it turned out a parasitic monster had been living in him, dormant, and took over when he became king. A huge monster came roaming the city (something like the digimon owned by Joe in the first series... it was hairy, but it had a long tail and seemed reptilian, very strange...) and the king did nothing about it. Worse yet, he mentioned there were others like it, and mentioned he was one of them.

The big monster's tail had 3-4 pieces to it and each piece was another monster. There was a group of people trying to organize a coup, and then there was a group of people set to defend the king. The coup people were in a building, looking at the king and a woman he was dancing with, trying to take over a room with a lot of electronic devices. The power in the building had been shut down but this room in particular still had everything running. I remember discussing some electronic devices with a young man and a young woman before the lights went out. The coup people decided to infiltrate the apartment the king was in, taking advantage of the fact that he was distracted and taking some people as decoy (the vietnamese girl from youtube who does make up tutorials comes to mind, not sure why). However, they had to take the lift to the 8th floor and the king's people were in it.

I was one of the first out, and when I got in the lift and noticed no one joined me I pretended to have forgotten something and got out. However, by the time the coup reached the king's apartment it was swarmed with his people and they mocked and insulted the coup people. I remember the king explaining his powers, and how he'd was able to transform into any shape he liked. He was like that crystal in Disney's Atlantis. There were also all these battles... In one, I had to play a game sort of like foursquare, sort of like the game where you can only let the ball bounce once, with a little girl. When she failed to reach the ball at some point I told her she'd lost, even though I didn't really know what we were playing or what the rules were. She got really upset. We were in the little bit of a basketball court in school1 where some girls and I had started a space-themed mural. I got to the ball and flew back to the court.

Another battle consisted of seeing two people from school1 (one year ahead of me) dancing at a door frame and imitating their movements. However, a little girl was holding the door and kept opening and closing it. I called them cheats and said I wouldn't be a part of a competition like it because there was no possible way I'd win.

In another dream I was at my aunt's mall where the coffee place would be. There were lots of girls from school1 and from Ctg in general and they were planning a party. When they asked what each would bring I volunteered to get cake along with other 2 girls, and I spent a good deal of that dream wondering what cake to make.

In another dream there was this cheap burger and fries place downtown that displayed mountains of fries at the entrance. I was planning to go there with A. I'm not sure why, but all around the city there were these towers measuring some thing or other (something like wi-fi, perhaps?) and one of them downtown displayed all the things that came to it. Right.... so, if there was anything else, I'm sure lunch made me forget it. No, wait... there was a bit of a dream where my cousin (newly wed) gave us presents. One of them was a lot of credit at a pet store for us to buy another dog. That's about it now.

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