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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A hunch and superstitious nonsense

A hunch. My mum left some time ago to go pick up my dad from work. I'm not sure why, but I'm half expecting to find they'll come back with a puppy.

Superstitious nonsense. It's most likely just my mind playing games, and trying to find patterns where there are none, but here goes: I've somehow managed to link the death of my first dog to D and I'm now hoping that some good comes out of my little one dying (namely, something working out with LesMisGuy). Sick, isn't it?

Couple of minutes later update:
Nope, no puppy. It's really best this way. I didn't want to be resentful if there ended up being one, but I don't want a puppy right now. I want time to properly mourn my little one. My aunt MT asked if I was thinking of buying a puppy the other day (the day before yesterday, maybe?) and to be honest, I really resented the idea. It's a bit insulting to try and imply she can somehow be replaced and all I need is a new dog, just like I'd need a new computer if this one broke down. That's not the way it goes. People don't have children to replace the ones who died (and those who do, do wrong). It's just not right... If we're getting a new puppy it should be at least in a month or two. There. I said it.

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