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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Fish in the pool

I've been dreaming a lot lately... Last night I had several dreams. In one, I was in a swimming pool with Chris Colfer, who was mad at Dianna Agron and a black girl who was sometimes Amber Reilly and other times the girl from Felicity. I talked to him about it.

At some other point, I remember I was going away on a trip with my parents and my sister, and we brought two fish tanks with us. As we went down an elevator some guy joined us and tried but couldn't hide from a girl who was looking for him. She ended up joining him later.

The water for the fish had to be changed, so my mum did, but the new water was fairly dirty so I took a cloth and tried to filter some of it. Somehow, I ended up in a pool while I did this trying not to let the chlorinated water get in the tank. Reid was there and told me to take a sieve instead, so I did (which admittedly made it easier to filter out the dirt).

Someplace else, I was in an apartment the black girl from Felicity lived in, and Dianna Agron was staying with her for some reason. They were fairly mean to me and my sister. We were all supposed to be going to some concert with Chris Colfer. Chris told me to tell my sister not to pack so many earrings, as she was taking up too much space, so I did. Last thing I remember from that dream is dressing up for the concert, only I couldn't really make up my mind.

In another dream I was in a poor neighbourhood and entered a tiny 2-3 story house. Santa Clause (I know, weird, right?) and a black woman were there and tried to talk me into buying shoes, and later, a dress, though I already had one.

In another dream I was in a huge fancy apartment and I had a little dog to take care of. Can't remember anything else there.

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