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Monday, 31 January 2011

Fashion's insane enough as it is

I had a dream last night that seemed to take place in the future, when I had just arrived at Tmp. My aunt's kitchen had lettuce leaves placed all over the white kitchen cupboards and my aunt had offered to take me out for lunch, but I had to pay for my share. I also needed to change some money for dollars. It was going to get cold soon, and I had no long-sleeved shirts or sweaters, so my aunt wanted to buy me something but she'd been expressly forbidden to. She tried to coax me into letting her buy me something, so I agreed she could only buy me one cheap big sweater, the kind you could buy at Target. I did have some long-sleeved shirts, come to think of it... Apparently some that we intended to give away here ended up in my baggage.

As for the rest of the dream, I remember my cousin (with child, in Tmp) cooking cookies for her son, placing the cookie dough on cardboard (which I honestly doubted would work). There was also a bit where I was with my cousin's (mother of 3) girls. They were looking at some jewelery and thinking of ways to re-do the decorations on their room. However, my cousin was pregnant and they were upset that they'd be stuck sharing the room with someone else if it was a girl. I told the older one that she'd be out of the house and independent soon enough, that she could even ask to go to her uncle (my cousin) and take some job babysitting to earn her own money. I wanted to buy them a trinket, too, but the only thing I remember them looking at was a very odd bracelet. It was actually a cylindrical lampshade with a silver coil inside as well as spheres. It covered most of my arm and I found it was actually ridiculous so I tried it on to show them.

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