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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dream remix

I had such strange dreams, mixing up so many different things...

In one dream I was friends with some guys, ad we re-visited school2, but there were guards, so I hid in a pool and did my best not to seem too alive there. I'm not sure what happened after that, but my shoes (which I'd taken off at some point as we moved around) were gone.

In another dream AOB had asked me to help him hook up with a girl I was in class with. Small, thin, not-that-pretty, black hair, tan. So one day I arrive to the class I'm in with her about an hour late, and there are so few people around, but I was chosen as her partner for the day so I sit with her. And she makes the confession, she's madly in love with AOB, so I smile to myself and try and think of when I'm going to tell AOB. But then AOB arrives to the class with some orange girl (I believe that's what offended me the most, really) and starts making out with her mid class, which broke the other girl's heart a little. When the class was over I walked out with the girl and AOB came after us and started talking to me ignoring the other girl until she felt so left out she just took the first chance she could to say goodbye. I talked to AOB, told him about how the girl had a crush on him and how I was upset that he'd changed her for an orange girl, of all things. He seemed indifferent. I then started walking with him on these grassy slopes with some water running through them. I'm not sure if this somehow evolved to the dream I wrote above this one.

In another dream, there was a group of 5 people, one of them Malfoy, another Susan Sarandon, one really huge and dull, another a baby, another tall. They were up to no good and supposed to be friends. At some point Malfoy went through torture, though I can't remember why, and when it's shown that they had a boss (Jane Lynch, or Sue Sylvester, as the case may be) Malfoy explains he actually enjoyed it. The tall guy got into a fight with the others and somehow ended up dead, he was smart and picked up on the fact that things weren't going as he thought they would. After some minor battle, Sue told them all to wait in a wooden cabin while she took care of business. She came out into a small apartment that also acted as police station where my aunt MT and I were. She came out with another woman/girl who may or may not have been Susan Sarandon. Sue acted as a sort of Voldemort, and my aunt MT was a sort of Dumbledore. Sue offered a berry pie. I cut and served the first slice and took it to the police station kitchen. There was a hanged man and a police officer there who seemed to be looking for a snack. So I warned him and told him the pie was for Malfoy and came from Sue, so he shouldn't even think about eating it. I went back to my aunt and Sue, and my aunt was having some pie so I started nibbling the one I had. Next thing I know, the policeman I'd warned came out, slowly (and very painfully) turning into a wheelchair (because it's the last thing he touched before the transformation, I think). I spit out what pie was in my mouth and my aunt stopped eating too. Then my aunt pointed out how Sue had been eating butterscotch candy, and hinted at having put a spell on those too. Sue and the other women started bloating and turning into tennis balls. As soon as they walked into the balcony, it was a matter of pushing them a little to make them float and get lost in the sky. Sue yelled she wasn't defeated and would find a way to get back at my aunt MT.

Then there's a short variation of that scene, only the evil woman was now Malificent and she was talking to a guy who'd have to fight her in a tower at night. He had to use a flashlight to see Maleficent, though she could see him without any help.

In another dream I was with a girl in university (new economy building) and with several people from the maths department. Apparently we'd set up a small business and things were doing great, so we somehow ended up in a huge room with a very long flight of stairs climbing at least 3 floors straight through midair, and another flight of stairs leading to a bathroom. There was a very long and growing queue of people wanting to buy things from our business. Most resembled girls from school1, and after a while I noticed a lot of them trying to get into the bathroom to get ready and ending up fighting. There was a loud noise, like that of something falling and hitting the ground, and it was a signal for people to start getting in. I was in charge of giving girls manicures, and I was on this little table by myself. My first customer arrived and I couldn't find everything I wanted at first, until I found a scrub that ended up looking more like tiny dog food than a real scrub, and a water fountain where you could adjust the temperature so I could get some hot water to loosen her cuticles. Quite frankly, the girl looked bored and annoyed at my lack of experience. But I don't remember much other than scrubbing her hands and putting some hot water in a small plastic bowl.

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