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Saturday, 8 January 2011


I had a restless night. Kept waking up. I only remember one dream, then. One where we were at my uncle's place (which really was a lot like the apartment we lived in by the beach), and I'd baked at least 4-5 pies/cheesecakes/similar desserts. They were different flavors and I remember the children were deciding whether to eat the orange or lemon or some other fruit flavored ones (first, they thought they would have room for more, even though the slices were really huge).

There were two working men, and gifts were being shouted out. At some point they sort of ignored the gifts brought by the working men so they had to shout and call people to stay around while they were given out. I also remember we'd gotten everyone sweaters, including my uncle. He didn't feel like trying his on, so my dad did, and my dad talked and talked about how he should keep the sweater until my uncle gave him the ok saying it wasn't a "good brand" sweater anyway. My mum and I were appalled by my dad's behaviour. At some point, I got into the kitchen with the eldest and youngest of my cousins.

It's strange... there were 4 bird cages with parakeets in them and when I asked it was the middle cousin who said she'd bought them for company, to break the silence a little. I was asked to help make another dessert, they said there would be a meeting soon and they'd need more desserts. I was a little mad, and argued they couldn't possibly need it, but helped them anyway. I was trying to make a custard, which I remembered being able to do in just minutes of whisking over heat.

I whisked some of the ingredients cold and it didn't set (of course), so I asked my sister to help me out by putting some water in one of the pots lying about and put it to boil. I just needed the vapor, I explained. I even helped light the furnaces, but as I whisked and the mix slowly thickened, suddenly everything in the pots started burning and I couldn't get my sister to react quickly enough and put out the fires and leave the pots in the sink. The mix came out lumpy, but it didn't seem to matter. There was a bowl full of all different kinds of fruit (including pomegranate with the peel on), which I mixed in with the little custard I'd made and I asked for some cream that had been set aside. Just as I was about to ask for some honey, I woke up.

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