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Saturday, 15 January 2011


I was out with A and AOB. We had sushi for dinner (care to venture a guess? I know the menu) and came over after that to play for a bit on the X box. We had a nice time. I'm a little surprised by it, actually. Just a couple of hours before meeting with them I had the dreadful feeling that AOB might ask about my little one, being so considerate (especially if he came over later). I don't want to talk about it. My parents came by the living room as I downloaded the miktex library again (this time the whole thing) and my mum got all annoying, they started telling me they love me so much, and she kissed me and hugged me and told me to clean up my room a bit. The whole interaction was annoying, not only because I don't like the kissing and hugging, or because it nags me that they have to complain about my room every time they see the door. I was thinking of my little one and how I wouldn't want to have to tell AOB about her because I wouldn't have the heart to and when my parents came by telling me they loved me I hated them and blamed them for letting her get that sick.

That being said, AOB didn't say a thing. Not even when we got here. I love him a little for it. I'm not sure he realised what my facebook status meant, or if he remembered it and put two and two together when he didn't see her here, or if he just assumed she was asleep in some of the rooms. I'm just glad he said nothing and love him for it.

Now, I'm not sure why, but if I had to venture a guess I'd imagine I go out so rarely I seem to make a special occasion out of it. I had this feeling that I might run into D. Not so much LesMisGuy, D. No particular reason for that, either. Now, thank my facebook stalking skills if any thanks are due... as AOB, A and I walked to the parking lot where AOB had his car I saw D's ex (the one I saw him kiss) with 5 or so people, one of them a guy (not D, I checked) she was holding hands with. Just for the sake of being right, because I didn't really process anyone other than the girl in the group, I sort of want to believe D might have been there. For no fucking good reason, either (except that maybe I sort of looked good today and the minor make up was perfect except for the mascara near the end). I don't even know what I'd want D to see me for. I should know better. I can't possibly expect any of the empowering dreams I had to have any truth to them, leave alone when we haven't seen each other in years.

That being said, there's only some minor news to keep track of. A is going away to Tx for a semester (fall), and AOB offered to introduce me to people he knows who go to USF (such a sweetheart).

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