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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Had at least two dreams last night. In one I was in a room I slept in (not necessarily this one) and there was a worm (if they're segmented and kind of like tiny centipedes, what's the right name?) flying about the room, trying to get a hold of a tiny moth to eat. It wasn't actually flying, though, it was using nearly invisible threads left behind by a spider going all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

In another dream, the one I woke up to, I was with the glee cast at the glee wedding. It was set by the sea, near mangroves, and I think I was part of the cast. In this version of the wedding, Kurt had also put the whole thing together, but he'd asked a guy out to the wedding (Giovanni?). The guy seemed nice enough at first, but I meant to talk to him and make sure he wasn't out to get Kurt hurt. Next thing I know he's with Santana, and the others noticed too. So, taking advantage of a time when he was out of the room they were getting ready to come out dancing from, Finn called him out on it and kicked him out of the team. The guy tried to argue back saying they'd need him for the choreography, but Finn told him they'd manage.

Later I could see Kurt trying to tape the rings to a long-glove shaped box, wearing flowered camouflaged clothes. He was getting ready to set out, and when he realised his date wasn't anywhere to be seen he broke into tears. I hugged him and held him for a while. Later came a choreography set in shallow water near the mangroves. I was near the back, closest to the mangroves and freaking out about everything that wasn't water or sand beneath me. When the time came for Giovanni's part, Finn and Kurt's dad did something to mock him and show just how much better they were without him. Then we all started splashing water as high as we could and the party started. A while later, I saw Kurt again, drunk, hunch-backed and tumbling through a sand castle being built by two of the girls. I took him again, cradled him and, oddest of all, started playing a game not unlike Age of Empires to build a sand castle with him, only in this game I could give him a facial (very odd). That was the end of that, I think.

I just remembered, though, there was at least one more dream, one where I was at the island that used to belong to my cousins' grandfather. I was at the bit facing the big island where we used to hang out most of the time. I could talk to the fish there (they were huge, about 1ft long each, which is strange because you mostly see only the tiny 1in kind around there). I told them to swim clockwise around the island to get safe. Something would happen to the water that could harm them and they'd be far from harm's way if they swam away.

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