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Sunday, 9 January 2011

And I thought I was socially crippled

I've been talking with N1 and her naïveté and ignorance sometimes just plain befuddles me. Goodness... The fact that her mum is as dramatic as she is doesn't help matters one bit. She decided to give up on the firefighter guy because he hasn't texted her all day today and didn't really want to talk much yesterday. I'm pretty much sure that's about it. She argued she had the feeling that maybe she doesn't mean that much to him, but I figure she's making a lot of things up along the way. She doesn't have much evidence to back her claims, though I reckon her gut instinct is probably reading on body language she's refusing to recognise. I don't really care much whether or not she stays with the firefighter, at this point. I'd like her to meet people, and have boyfriends, and have friends to go out with in any order.

I talked her into deleting his messages and hiding his posts from her facebook newsfeed. I talked her into re-wiring her brain so she wouldn't think of him so much. I told her she doesn't have that much to hold on to and she'll be fine as soon as she realises she's been making a lot of this up in her head and lets go of the fantasies. She seemed to be taking my advice. But then she went and said she ought to tell him she's letting go of him. Why would anyone do that? She argued she felt terrible when he stopped talking to her and he deserved some sort of notice. But I'm confident that there's a social contract where you simply have less contact with that person until there's no contact at all and you consider you're done letting go of them. People get the message. There's no need to give them a heads up. Where on earth would she get such notions? I can't believe she's so used to living in that tiny bubble that even such basic social interactions are a mystery to her. I'm truly quite sorry for her, I thought I was socially awkward and incredibly unaware of the ways of the world, but I find she's even worse off and that's just sad.

Wow... Just wow...

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