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Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Again I dreamed of master Q, this time I walked to him to say hi. He was standing someplace where it was sandy, and his hair was slightly longer than usual. He seemed uncomfortable and tried to ignore me when he first noticed me. I walked to him anyway and said "what's up, master?". I think I might have been hitting on him. It was overall weird.

Monday, 28 December 2009


There was a train by the beach, and bus rides. As for the train by the beach, Einstein was around. I could travel in time to just before he was discovered, and wait for him at a house on a cliff. As for the bus rides, one took off from Ctg to Bqll, as it might if I were going to my old school. I noticed a large reptile along the way, and as I noticed what seemed to be its tail and a ridge on its back, it suddenly sprung to life, revealing it was MUCH larger than I'd thought. Its head was at least 4m wide and about 7m long, it had a horn on its head pointing forwards, and rather than any reptile it was actually a dinosaur. Ancient creatures sprung to life all over from the ground. I recall ancient lions springing back to life in Africa, they were all dangerous and had to be avoided. Also, there were these crypts I could go into... We had to go in in pairs, with some secret code we could get ghosts to cook for us and even clean up, but if we danced around a ghost holding a necklace we could get it to give it us something else. A second ghost gave us a watch. We could also pick up old tapestries... I insisted these be returned to a museum, as foreigners could steal them.

Oh yes... and at some point I met with Q, and I remember calling him "master" and showing him (or someone else, perhaps) my oddly tanned arms.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Oh man... I really do need a man...

I was walking my dog a couple of hours ago, and it's quite "wild" around here, which is nice. There are fruit trees, and when it rains (it rained earlier) it smells outdoorsey, fresh. Much like it did in the last house I lived in, back in Ctg. I also walked my dog around a small path with trees, grass, and even tiny frogs when it rained. D took me there on my 15th birthday party to make out. Oh man.... I had tiny frogs jumping on my feet, and I couldn't care less about frogs at the time. I want to have that again. Lately, for no apparent reason (other than the holidays), I've been picturing what it would be like if I had a boyfriend right now, at family reunions and even when I'm bored at home. I can't help but wish I had a boyfriend to make out with when I'm out walking my dog. I've somehow attached the idea of making out with the rained upon outdoors near the place I live in. How very inconvenient...

Tomatoes are dangerous

The memory of the dream is fading, even now, but if there's anything to remember from it it's that tomatoes are dangerous, even to sharks. I was in school in Ctg, and I was running late for class because I stayed behind talking to a guy who's studying maths, trying to solve problems and discussing riddles and something for MENSA (only it was called something else in the dream). When I got to the classroom, they were watching a video about Seville, and M1 was outside the classroom too. When we got in the teacher didn't seem to mind the fact that I was very distracted and lost all notion of time. I was on the spotlight, as I said this, but the teacher didn't seem to mind much and let me take a seat in class anyway. I sat near the front, next to A, who was next to N1.

Later, we were in an old house, where we were confronted against a shark, and M1, who was a tomato, helped us out by stealing from the shark, or taking things from it. I remember lots of keys in chains, and we were meant to open certain cabinets with them, to retrieve even more keys that were important for something else. M1 was dangerous to the shark for some reason or other... I also remember a girl from school (though I didn't know her) dancing (quite ridiculously, I might add) some traditional dance with some guy. I remember HUGE flounders they almost stepped on a couple of times. The setting for their dance was tropical, as of some hotel.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

A wheel chair and red hair

I was still getting better from somethin that had hurt my legs so badly I'd needed to be on a wheelchair. I believe I was with people who are supposed to go to the same university as me, discussing a project or something like that. N1 carried me around on the wheelchair, and at some point we came to the transmilenio nearby, where there was a protest. I called on them because there were no handicapped spots, and it was hard to move around, even if I almost could have walked on my own two feet.

On another note, I remember being in the hair salon, I remember having highlights and the hair dresser dying them red, along with the rest of my hair. I was with a girl I used to go to school with, MCm, and I had volunteered to pay for part of whatever she got done, but I asked her to pay $100,000 in advance. I also remember writing a letter to someone where I asked about one of those glue-on tattoos, which ended up glued to my belly. It was a huge one of a troll.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

xkcd-worthy note

Mathematically, there can be no sweeter thing than to say "you're the one". It made a lot more sense less than 5min ago, when I could actually remember the whole sentence I wanted to type, and a few others.

I don't really have time to spare or waste, but I have a thing or two I'd like to write

I... *sigh*... Fuck EBF, you know? He'd enjoy it, he has a girlfriend who can help with that.

I can't believe I bothered to stay up almost until midnight to leave him (what I'd like to believe was) a very original birthday greeting. I didn't want to say anything at all, knowing I'd feel better if I talked to a wall than waiting for him to do so much as say "thank you". I thought I'd make some sort of statement by not saying anything, but I suppose something about him not caring if I did that made me feel needy enough to say something anyway. I went for not congratulating him for his birthday, not exactly: I sent him a facebook message with a link to a YouTube video showing the unbirthday song from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland * 364.

For every day after his birthday on his 20th year alive, you see. It figures he's got enough friends to wish him a happy birthday, so I thought it was a nice way to congratulate him for not having made it through another spin around the Sun.

Not even a "thank you for remembering". Of course he never said anything about leaving Bta for the holidays, seeing as he's said nothing at all in the last 2 months or so. I find myself facebook-stalking him, which is how I found out he's not even here. I don't doubt he would've said nothing if he were here anyway. If there was anything by the likes of a celebration (or if there is in some future) I'm pretty sure I won't be invited, or even told about it. I can't help but be offended by the idea. I know I don't get along with his friends, I know I try too hard to be a good friend, I know I wouldn't actually enjoy myself if I went to such an event. It just sucks to know I care more than he does, which would be caring at all, and caring too much at that. I, of course, won't be bothered with finding an appropriate gift, or any gift at all for that matter. Fuck that too, you know?

It still makes me furious to remember how he forgot to do so much as meet me as arranged so I could give him his last birthday present. I won't be going through any trouble, I won't be bothered, even if I consider it, even if I'd like to, if I feel obliged by my odd sense of what little honour I have left. I don't exactly have money to spare, either, but I'd try very hard if it were anywhere near worth it, which it evidently isn't. Fuck him, fuck the present, fuck my willingness to give him one and the fact that I'm sorry I can't and won't.

Come my birthday... well... I evidently won't be fucked by anyone (which is probably a bad thing), and I can only hope to make it to some place or other with A and whomever else volunteers to come along. I'm calling no one, I'm texting no one, I'm inviting no one, I'm not cooking for anyone. I'll thank congratulators as seems appropriate and go on living as if it were any other day. If only my birthday were any further (or farther?) away I'd have more time to be sure I'll be ok if he doesn't say anything. Maybe it wouldn't make any difference, but I know even now that come my birthday I'll be anxiously waiting for so much as a message or a call, and I know I'll be as disappointed if I get one as I will if I don't.

That was on the 18th and I'm still not over it. I'll cry on my birthday, I'm sure of it. I'll cry if I get a chance to watch Love, Actually sometime late at night. I'll cry if I find myself writing this for too long. Fuck, I'm crying already, I'm pathetic. I suppose it was too honest a statement "I love you, kid". I'm not in love with him, I just love him as I don't anyone else, and I can only call that friendly love, seeing as I don't feel attracted to him and wouldn't even dream of being with him. I love him as a friend, as someone I could talk to, as someone who knew me, as someone I once knew, as the one person who broke in and became pleasant to have around. I'm so not over it I've deleted him from my messenger contact list, just so I don't feel anxious seeing him online and not talking to him. I didn't block him, just in case he ever decides to say something. Or in case I someday decide I'll give him the link to this blog, for him to read whatever he will if he's willing to read any of it. I suppose this might serve about the same purpose as those almost illegible suicide notes I wrote every so often when I found myself having too much to say and no one to say it to. It's pathetic, I'm pathetic. He wouldn't even care if I died. He wouldn't exactly have a way to find out.

On a side note, I worry for AOB, his last messenger personal message reads "time to say goodbye". Could be anything, but with this depressive wave sweeping through, it would be terrible to find he's been taken by it. I've no way of knowing anything about such a hypothesis, I just hope I'm wrong. I'd feel weird calling him, so I can only wait and see if I find him online someday to chat nonsense. It's nice, talking to him. I don't know if I told him about not talking to EBF, but I'd like to say something, tell him anything, just for the sake of discussing the subject. I seem to remember him asking if things were ok between EBF and me, and I dismissed him with a (lousy) "yes, it's all good". He left it at that, whether because he could sense how lousy my answer was or because he felt he was intruding. I can't actually think of anyone else I could discuss this with.


There's not all that much to be said: I had a dream where I talked to someone (might've been 3, might've been anyone else). I believe he might've only just become my boyfriend in the dream, and he said something along the lines of "So.... you've only loved D, and you've loved him for 5 years now... *Wow*". He seemed to understand and rather be amused by the fact, but it also had a "boy have I got big shoes to fill" ring to it.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

This should have made it to the last entry. Then again, maybe not

I should have mentioned in the last entry that A's dog was grown up already, he'd grown all long and thin. I forgot to, somehow, but I remembered I hadn't in last night's dream, when I told A about having seen her dog all grown up.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Not just yet...

I was in a hotel room with D, initially... It later turned into someone else, though it might have not been him at all in the first place. He was slightly taller than average, thinner than D, much darker than D, and he had black hair. I believe we were in the hotel room with the only purpose of having sex, we both got naked and he started "getting me ready", if you could call it that.

I was prepared for regular sex, and I was actually glad to be getting that over with already. However, he stuffed condensed milk up my butt, "lubing it", which made it clear we were having anal sex. It was ok with me, really. After a while, he left to eat some pizza, apparently waiting for the condensed milk to have some effect on me as far as "getting me ready" went. I got bored, even if I wasn't really ready, so I went to look for him. All I could think of doing (and hence all I did) was hug him. I don't know if we kissed then, but we stayed together, close enough that I could feel his penis throbbing against my crotch. My mum woke me up, so I can't tell what would have happened next.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Un film d'époque starring Colin Firth

We all wore dresses this time, and many people were gathered in the country. A slope run down by a river on one side, trees all over, some marshy spots here and there, and tall grass. I had some girl who played the part of my friend, though I couldn't be sure who she was. I talked to her, and told her about this "vision" (wild guess of wishful thinking) where Colin (who I apparently had a crush on) came back from whatever journey he was on and gave me a flower (? or some other little gift) he'd made a great effort to keep from harm's way. He did arrive, and he was wearing two gowns, one over the other. In between the skirts, safe from harm, were many little gifts, whitish looking as opposed to whatever other colour my gift was, and he gave me mine first, but he started giving them out to all women present, which upset me. He wanted to be with a woman who'd hurt him badly before and was now married (or had just become a widow/separated). She laid a bait and he bit it, the poor thing. He approached her in a little circle, from behind, to give her the present. I don't know if I then approached Colin, or if I was Colin himself at that time, but I was standing behind someone, with my face right next to his/her neck. I miss that kind of intimacy... it wasn't even human contact, just intimacy with someone else. It didn't work out. He then continued to hand out his gifts and it was then obvious he had a crush on my cousin Cl, who brushed him away, being too busy trying to clean some yogurt she'd spilt on the chair she was sitting on. Before all this I was going to have a very important conversation, possibly with Colin, possibly someone else, and I didn't get to pick where (which turned out to be almost all the way up, but all the way to the side, wherever the river was) but I got to tell everyone where not to be. I was very smart about this, and seemed to know that running water could carry the sound of our conversation as well as the fact that if anyone sat immediately above us on the slope they'd hear everything too. I never got to make any use of this, though.

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Some guy named Adrian, or Andrei Sepovich, or however you'd be supposed to spell something like that, invented a salmon ceviche. It sounded interesting, but I can't remember any of the things in it, except for the salmon. Also, a very old house at night, at least 2 floors, and grass out front.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Two monologues, actually dialogues, and a black fairy book

In groups, we had to tell a story on how to use a product. My story was written in italics, for what it's worth, and I thought it was the best story in my group, though I didn't get to tell it.

I had to audition to Michael Kors, reciting monologues (from Cats, I'm almost 100% sure, and actually dialogues) I couldn't remember by heart, when he let me go get the computer to read them I heard a woman say something about a black fairy book... some mexican curse or other.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Uber baby

I had a dream, sometime this year, where I killed a baby. It was a blond, blue-eyed boy. Quite big, for a baby, perhaps with a slightly larger head than most, definitely very smart. I'd have to check if I have any other records of this dream, but I seem to remember he could either talk or understand a conversation being held by adults around him. He was standing on a table by a wall, and at some point he fell. I think it was my fault because I should have been looking after him, and because I encouraged him to stand up even though he was clearly too young to. His head looked like soap, when it falls, or any soft dough, for that matter. I tried to make things better, and he seemed ok enough, though he didn't say anything (he didn't even cry) and his eyes looked a little blank. He fell again, this time trying to sit still. He just sat there and suddenly fell to the side. This time, when I got him up his gaze was completely empty. That's when I got scared. Terrified, actually, that not only had I killed a baby, I'd killed a brilliant baby. Pretty disturbing dream. (I know most dreams are disturbing, I just think this is a new level of disturbing).

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ranting was in order

Well, I figured I might as well put something in it for EBF to read, so here goes:

Fuck this. Fuck you, I don't give a fuck. I'm not through being pathetically sad and depressed, but I'm so mad I just don't care. I want to turn you into a legend, in my mind, no more real than pink elephants drowning in ponds with Narcissus ever were. We'll never talk again like we used to, we're no longer friends, and I'm through being civil. I give up even on that as of this moment. I gave up on us being friends a long time ago, I gave up on most everything but hope. I'm giving that up now, and I'll go on giving it up until there's nothing left to give up.

I shouldn't have started the last 30 or so conversations, I shouldn't have bothered with the last 100 or so messages, if this is in any way possible, I take them back. It should be easy enough to pretend I never sent them. Forget I ever asked you to that dinner here.

That's a major regret on so many levels... To think my parents don't make enough money as it is, we didn't have enough to buy groceries that week and I still went ahead and did it. I cooked over two days like an idiot for 6-7 people, and only you and L showed up. It was so incredibly pathetic. I don't think we'd met since that time we went to Wok for dinner, but if possible, it was even more disappointing. In wok, I could take ages eating to do something other than be weighed down by the awkward silence that was there even when we talked.

That last dinner here was all the more awkward because L1 was here. Not because she was interrupting anything, but because it was embarrassing to have her there to witness the disaster. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I think she noticed. I'm never hosting dinners again. I'm never cooking for you or any of the people I called friends. I had an exam to study for, and I very much ignored that. I cooked, I slaved, I waited, I got nothing. Not even apologies for not showing up, or calls to let me know people weren't coming. Not a chance to reschedule. Only complete disaster.

I should be used to it by now, I should be able to cope better with all the shit I get these days. I can't. I'm sorry. It's curing nothing and I find myself hesitating to use that analogy for fear of what it evokes. Your birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I just want to put it off forever. I take back every birthday gift I ever gave you, too. Imagine someone else got them for you, don't return them. The last birthday gift was also, no surprise, a disaster. To think of the trouble I went through to get it, and how you couldn't even remember to meet me so I could give it to you. I didn't even want to hang out, just give it to you. I don't want to call you for your birthday this year, I don't want to text you or send you any message. I know I'll feel obliged to give you some form of gift, and I'd rather ignore all related feelings altogether.

Don't call me for my birthday either, on that note. Don't bother. I can't take the hypocrisy again. I can't belive I still resent that, but when we ran into each other the other day, why on earth did you ask where I hang out all day that you don't see me? You didn't intend to see me, meet me, or even talk to me. You knew (or should remember, I do) we never had free time at the same time. You used such ridiculous smalltalk, and pretended you care, just for the sake of saying something. So unlike you, at least the you I knew. Not that it matters much, really. I do understand you've outgrown me. I just wish you'd leave me alone altogether, so I didn't feel so bad, thinking there might be hope hiding there somewhere. You could've just been honest when I first tried fixing things. You could have said something, anything. Or nothing at all ever since.

I'm considering leaving behind a polite "happy birthday" message sometime when you're not online, incognito, if I may use the term loosely. I'll make sure to be offline all day that day, and too busy to bother checking for answers I should know not to expect. In case I change my mind and send this whole post as an e-mail, "happy birthday". I don't intend to speak with you, ever again, however childish it may sound, so take your congratulations now, and leave me to being a lonely, stupid, boring nerd.

Friday, 4 December 2009

So many things going on...

There's no first things first here, I'll just write things down as I remember them (for as long as I do):

I had two boyfriends in a day. Dumped the first, didn't care, and then got together with some guy from Gossip Girl (filthy rich, despicable). We didn't care about one another, but I felt oddly comfortable cuddling with him in the front seat of a car. He got to a hotel by helicopter, before he got in the car I was in, and I remember calling him to see if he was coming already. He didn't pick up, but screamed "I'm already here" in annoyance when he noticed I'd called.

Speed dating: I already had someone, but I got into some speed dating thing of sorts anyway. I talked to girls, too, famous, rich girls. I wasn't per se famous or rich, but they seemed to recognise I was worth notice. The guy I was with found himself some other girl, a blonde.

I was talking to a "friend" (don't know who she was, blonde, rich, spoiled rotten) who kept calling her mom, asking her to buy new shoes. Expensive shoes... I remember prices along $200 and $700. I remember asking her why she kept giving her mom the description of the shoes and hoping she'd get the right ones, instead of showing her the actual webpages the shoes were shown in. It didn't matter, apparently. For the first time in my life, I wondered what I'd look like in a pair of those expensive shoes. I felt the appeal of wearing high heels... The shoes I considered wearing were light teal, almost white, sandals with very high heels.

In another dream I was a man, and I ran away from a witch. The story with the witch went something along the lines of: men climbed to her house, and died and got stuck to the mountain of frozen corpses her house stood on along the way. The witch then made them into slaves. I was one such man, only I somehow managed to break free. I hid under some wooden boards, right underneath the house, and waited for my chance to break into the house, where some rubber bands were held from a wall. These rubber bands somehow were tied to me (or the witch?) and I had to get them on the witch (I think....). I succeeded. I had a girlfriend and a family who must have been very sorry for my loss, and I remember telling some other guy who was possibly also dead already to please tell them I was now free, or something like that. I don't know why I sent someone else instead of going myself, but I asked someone else to go talk to my family.

Standing in front of a historical monument I could see old men I pinpointed as historians and asked them something I, as part of a group, was supposed to know. Only no one in the group was to ask the historians, so it was forbidden. I didn't ask them myself, I talked someone else into doing it (A's crush, Mt). I also talked to a guy I used to go to school with, who had a very odd tattoo all over his arm. It wasn't so much a tattoo as an actual mosaic, stuck to his arm. It looked painful, but he explained he was addicted to them, and that he was receiving therapy... Much like fingernails are done about once a week, he re-did this mosaic periodically too. This time in particular he had some carved wooden pieces.

I attended regularly little concerts 4 was in. He coached the other singers. They had a groupie who had a crush on both/either 4 or the other lead singer. I found myself going after class with someone else to keep me company just to watch 4. In the last such concert in the dream, people I went to school with were there too. I remember wondering if 4 had noticed I'd been there almost every time.

EBF was lying on a bed, and I asked him to read a book I'd written (it had been built based on this blog, actually). He said it wasn't bad, but I should check a chapter where a lot of dreams were numbered. I don't think that's what he asked me to check, but dreams were labeled "DRAM 1" or "DREM 1" or something like that. They were missing a letter, and it just made perfect sense those were intended to be dreams. I was somewhat surprised, after he'd begun reading the book, that he hadn't found anything mentioning him, or that he hadn't said anything about those passages.

A threesome! There was a threesome! Or something like it, at any rate. I don't know if it was just me, or me and another girl... maybe I was sometimes the other girl. This woman (whether me or her I don't know) had a boyfriend, and she'd talked him into having a threesome with another man. A diligent man, the boyfriend found a guy who could pull things with his erect penis. I believe he might have been a gigolo, because I seem to remember having him there was expensive. I wasn't ready thoough, and when they tried to enter me it hurt. When I said so, the boyfriend got angry. Eventually, it happened. I almost came. Add this dream to the list of dreams of things I've never experienced.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

An empty apartment and a minor mistake

My dad showed me around an empty apartment under construction. It was supposed to be, in some future, my uncle's apartment to live in but also an office. It had very fancy conference rooms. Much of it was covered with (plastic?) curtains. The building, overall, looked old. I may have strayed there from another building that seemed to be a part of campus, only it gave me the feel of a motel. I remember looking for a very specific room. I also remember it was labrynth like and I kept going in circles to see new rooms.

In another dream, D accidentally added me to a messenger conversation where he told some friends of his something very silly I can't remember now... It was just two lines, and it was very unimportant. It just freaked me out in the dream that he was talking to me.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Good lord....

Dx asked if I'd marry him. What is wrong with people?

For Christ's sake! (it's ok to bring him up if at least Dx believes in him, right?) He said he loves me. I hope he was kidding, but he might have not been kidding.

It's "linaThumbe hates love"! Live! I'm repulsed by the idea! It makes me want to be evil to him, to turn him down, to prove him wrong about the person he thinks he sees in me.

On another note...
I couldn't keep myself from telling EBF about this. I.... yeah, I shouldn't have. I suppose this means my policy isn't "never mind" 100% of the time. After a while he just stopped answering, making small talk... the conversation just died (as it always has, the last 1000 times or so, spread ever more far apart, which means it's been dying too soon for the last year and a half or so). It makes me mad at him, for letting it die, when I've got nice enough gossip. I make myself mad for being so unpleasant to talk to. It makes me mad at him for no longer enjoying conversations with me. It makes me hate myself for caring enough to having started the conversation to begin with. I hate myself for caring, period. I just fucking hate this situation.

I really miss having a good friend to count on for situations like this. I miss being able to talk, just because, about anything. I miss having someone who understands me, who knows me. I miss the feedback. I miss having my thoughts read out aloud to me. I miss the Rue Morgue moments. I miss talking to someone other than myself. When I talk to him I feel insane, because expecting an answer is somehow even stupider than talking to myself. When I talk to myself I answer, I care. Add that to the list: I hate him for not caring as much as I hate myself for caring.

Here's an epiphany: I think I finally know what I want. Truly, seriously want, not just something I think I'd be happy with. I want my best friend back. I want a best friend. To think I felt ridiculous using that title before... I want someone I can call my best friend. I want a relationship that deserves to be called true friendship. I'm starting to wish that what good I've had I'd never had, just so I couldn't miss it so much it kept me from keeping it.

I wish I'd never called D my boyfriend. I don't know if that's what he actually was, but I told myself and allowed myself to believe that's what he was. It's been limiting me and now I just don't want to be with anyone that's not him. Even now, knowing whoever I called my boyfriend is no longer there. Even now, knowing it's just not possible.

I wish I'd never been EBF's best friend. I wish he'd never called me that, and I wish I hadn't grown used to the idea and started calling him my best friend too. I wish we hadn't gotten along so well. I wish we hadn't been able to complete each other's sentences and think the other's thoughts just from glances. I wish I hadn't known so much about him, and let him know so much about me. I wish he hadn't gotten me to care about him, to love him (not "be in love with him", mind you). I wish I could just have regular friends and settle for those instead.

I can't believe I'm so empty I'm wishing for mediocrity to fill the void. I'd rather be full of shit. So pathetic.

Day dreams - a short note

During a class about Plato I had this vision where it was incredibly obvious that a philosopher was really just a barely cooked egg yolk, breaking open, in a sea of molten egg yolks.

A very wet dress

It's a bit late to be writing this down, so it's all mostly a blurr but here's all I could gather:

- I was somewhere 200+ years ago, when women still wore long dresses (though not particularly bulky ones). I had one such white dress, and was running along a muddy path, trying to get to a manor. I was dripping wet. Some woman talked to me there. She looked matronly.

- Possibly, though I'm not sure, while I was running, A was close by. For some reason, in the dream she and D were together, or had been, and D was begging her to come back. I got mad, not so much at the idea of A and D being together, but that she was getting much better treatment. He was begging her!

- On another note, I remember being in a store, again very old fashioned, but I bought a pack of chips. A was there with her family and her dad had been stung by mosquitoes. Something about that was oddly dangerous.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Creature of homosexuality and coffee

So many things going on all at once... Last things first, my dad was wearing a pink girl's shirt and one earring, volunteering to go get something for my sister, who was too lazy to. I was mad at her for waking up screaming, blaming us for making so much noise and then being too lazy to go do whatever my dad was going to do for her. I wouldn't let my dad go like that, so it fell on me to volunteer instead. Jack McFarland (from Will & Grace) tried to talk some of the mad out of me.

In no particular order now, I remember being in some sort of ship with A and people from school, as well as some people from university (Flower Guy among them). They were in little groups, talking. Before this "peace" some soldiers wanted to pack us all into containers for some reason or other. Some agreed it was ok, I didn't. I got the little group Flower Guy was in in an uproar by saying something they didn't agree with as a whole, but then arguing amongst themselves they disagreed with each other too. In another group a girl was discussing baby names. A and I left to go get some coffee. For some reason, she went and bought it for me, but it was black and I needed some cream and sugar to go with it, so I jumped from the side to get to the first floor, where the coffee shop was, avoiding ice cold water underneath the building. The lady attending told me where the cream substitute was, and that I could only take two little packages. I was wearing short black shorts and a white spaghetti strap shirt that would've been very revealing if I'd gotten wet.

Somewhere in a dungeon, I chased an odd creature through a half opened door. It looked a bit like Roger, from American Dad, but from real life, and he had no head, but a contraption with wings on it instead. I somehow knew it was the creature that represented homosexuality. Very bizarre.

Hanging from a tree among limestone mountains, I knew (whether because I knew and I was talking about it or because someone was telling me, I can't remember) about a werewolf who became a vampire, or was it the other way round? Something odd about such conflicting creatures becoming one another.

On another dream, I was with E and C, who study pure chemistry, and we were taking a chemistry test online. One of them (E, I think) got a password to change the scheduled time to take it, but the woman babysitting us blamed me for it and got very mad. In the end, I was the only one taking the test, which I couldn't stop taking, as it was timed. I don't know how I did, though.